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Avaaz and Detailed Activism

Avaaz is a civic group that comes from the United States. It was established in the winter of 2007. The organization spreads the word about international activism as it relates to animal rights, human rights, climate change, poverty and corruption. It has a strong reputation, too. The Guardian is a prominent publication that called Avaaz a strong Internet activist platform. The origins of the name “Avaaz” can be traced back to the Urdu language and its word for “voice.”Res Publica was behind the creation of Avaaz. Res Publica is composed of public sector workers who care about strong governance, high-quality democratic approaches and virtue in the civic realm. was also behind the setup of the group. This second organization hails from the United States, too. It’s a not-for-profit entity that focuses on speaking out on behalf of public policy. The Service Employees International Union gave Avaaz its backing as well.

There are numerous people who make up the backbone of Avaaz. They are Tom Pravda, Ricken Patel, Eli Pariser, Jeremy Heimans, David Madden, Andrea Woodhouse and Tom Perriello. These people all come from diverse backgrounds. Perriello used to be a congressman in the state of Virginia. Madden is a businessman who comes from Australia. Avaaz has a board that includes Sam Barratt, Ian Bassin and Ricken Patel. Patel is the Chief Executive Officer and President. Patel’s background is a blend of British and Canadian. He attended Balliol College at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He learned a lot about subjects such as economics, philosophy and politics. He went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, too. Public policy was his primary area of focus there.

Avaaz wishes to bring international practical idealists together. Patel indicates that the top objective at Avaaz is to make the planet a more harmonious place for all. Avaaz frequently gives its time to subjects that are classified as being progressive in nature. It’s a group that’s always questioning Monsanto and the many things it does.The members of Avaaz handle their campaign duties in 15 distinct tongues. The organization has a primary crew that’s situated on six separate continents. It has many volunteers everywhere as well. Avaaz is a group that does a lot to get things done. It sets up petitions all of the time. It sends out email newsletters when necessary. The group even does a lot of heavy lobbying work.

Manage Your Online Reputation with Status Labs

When it comes to the Internet, it is possible for just about anyone to write about you and post comments about your business. Now, if it is just you, chances are not too many people are going to post random negative comments about you online that will hurt your overall, personal reputation (unless you are a high-end celebrity and are always in the spotlight). However, it is different when it comes to a business. If you run a business, people are going to talk about your company all the time, from reviews to posting on their social media accounts, Yelp and other services. All of this can change the way your business is perceived. You need to avoid negative comments and make sure you are up to date on when bad things are said so you can properly manage your online reputation. Doing this on your own takes times and it takes you away from what you should be doing at work. That is exactly why it is necessary for you to bring in the professional services of an online reputation manager. With this kind of a company, it is possible to always make sure your business is in the best spotlight possible.

How They Manage

Status Labs is able to monitor the Internet and receive notifications whenever someone mentions your business in a post. It can be in a social media post, through their blog, a review or anything else. It doesn’t need to be hash tagged or anything else of that nature. When they post a comment or mention you, the online reputation professionals can see whether it is good or bad and then do something accordingly, if something needs to be done. If it is positive, the company can either leave it as is or even connect with the person who mentioned your business in order to thank them for the positive word of mouth.

Now, if it is a negative comment, the online reputation manager team can do what they can to have it removed if it is negative. Now, there is a fine line of preventing negative content from being published that isn’t accurate and allowing someone to have their personal say. Status Labs is able to walk this fine line and do everything in their power to make sure your business is always seen as the best, most professional company possible, no matter what services you offer.