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Exceptional Expertise Peter Briger Has For Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has become successful because of the great and skilled people who have worked there. Although you can celebrate the company’s success, you shouldn’t forget to talk about those who sacrificially contributed to its success and growth. Many people have worked in Fortress Investment Group and they have left the impact on different levels. Anything each of these people did when working for this group was significant and highly appreciated. However, it is not possible to forget what Peter Briger did during his tenure in this company. His contributions were immense and saw the company grow and go beyond some of the expectations that had been set. He has served in this group at an executive position and what did is worth noting. As a successful professional in the financial matters, Peter proves what an experience of about 30 years can do. He is currently the principal of the Fortress Group and he also co-chairs the board of directors. The offices of this company are based in San Francisco.

Peter’s career was not just successful and admirable but also brilliant. He has held different executive positions in different places after graduating from Wharton Business School with a master’s degree in Business Administration. This school-based at Pennsylvania University is known to produce the best business students across the world. Before he went for his MBA, Peter attended Princeton University for his undergraduate studies. After his university studies, Peter was lucky to work as an administrator at President Lyndon B. Johnson and President John F. Kennedy. He learned a lot and gained adequate skills that made him become a better employee in other different places. In the field of asset management, Peter has worked there for about 20 years. Fortress Investment Group runs credit fund and real estate departments and Peter happens to be in charge of these departments. The role Peter has played in Fortress Group since 2002 is inexplicable.

The group has both private and institutional investors with assets worth more than 65 billion dollars. Peter has been managing all this and growth has continued to be conspicuous.Four years after the group was founded, Peter Briger joined it to spearhead the changes and growth people see today. The Fortress Group was at this time expanding and at a delicate stage that required adequate management and expertise. This was what Peter Briger did. His expertise became the company’s vital requirement it needed to become the private equity company it has become today. For about 15 years, Peter was highly committed to the affairs of the Goldman Sachs. He was the overseer of all the operations this company had in different places. He was the co-head for various departments in Goldman Sachs such as Income Investment Group, Trading business, as well, as Whole Loan Sales. It was Peter who co-founded the Special Situations Group that belongs to Goldman Sachs in 1997. Though the new Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund of the group, Peter has helped the team to enjoy 4 billion dollars and above. One thing that shows Peter is a compassionate person is his undying passion for the needy children.