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Peter Briger: the investor with a big heart

For an investor to be consistent in the financial market, they must be exceptionally good in their craft. This describes Peter Briger life as a business leader. The self-made billionaire is without a doubt one of the most consistent investors in the world. With a Forbes ranking of the top 400 in the world shows the strong-willed Briger is and his strong personality. He became a billionaire in 2007 after the company (Fortress Investment) he had interest went public.
His journey to the Forbes list has been a long journey. He has shown consistency in the previous positions from Goldman Sachs to now. Peter Briger is one of the hardworking people in the investment world. The exposure at Goldman Sachs made him the creative and the innovative person

he is today.
He is arguably the most crucial person in the overall management of Fortress Investment Company. Under his leadership, all aspects pertaining to asset investment, capital market, and corporate merges have been effective. As a principal and co chairman, however, he is responsible for real estate and credit fund. Under his leadership, he has been able to grow the operational budget to the highest in the history of the company: 65 million dollars. This shows he is a visionary leader.
Peter Briger wears many hats. As a philanthropist, he has been active in many projects. First, he is an active contributor to conservancy project: Central Park Conservancy. Donating to this noble project has been of great help to the conservancy. Second, he is involved in the Tipping point. This is an initiative responsible for low-income families. Finally, as part of the Princeton family, he has been an active supporter of Princeton entrepreneurship through programs aimed at helping graduate start the business journey. Apart from just giving the graduate funds, he is has been a mentor to many.
The academic background of Peter Briger is economics. B.A and M.B.A from Princeton University and the remarkable University of Pennsylvania put him in the group of academic scholars. As a financial expert, Briger believes that bitcoin will revolutionize the world of business.

Shervin Pishevar Wants You To Listen To His Twitter Rant

Most people who go on Twitter to spew out some thoughts about this subject or that do in fact want an audience for what they have to say. Most people on that social network do not really deserve a large audience for their ideas though. The truth is that those ideas are frequently nonsense. This is not the case with Shervin Pishevar though.

The early Investor Shervin Pishevar has always been one to speak his mind. He has frequently been on Twitter talking about how he sees a variety of world issues. He likes the ability that the platform gives him to get out a particular message to people that he feels that they need to hear.

Recently Shervin Pishevar had a tweet storm for the ages. He went on the social network to talk about everything that he sees happening in the economy as we speak. What he wanted to get at was the idea that he knows a lot about what is going on in the economy and that he wants to share those thoughts with all of you. He wants his readers to take something away from the words that he speaks about the economy. He also wants them to learn something about themselves in the process. Put another way, he hopes to teach everyone who reads his material a little about the things he already knows.

The stock market and Bitcoin are both going to decline in value if you are a subscriber to the ideas that Shervin Pishevar puts out there. He also believes that China is about to become a much bigger player in world economic events. He thinks that the United States has exported the American Dream so well these days that the next great ideas for new companies are going to come from overseas. He is also a believer that inflation is about to grip the United States and indeed the world in a big way causing farther economic destruction.

These ideas are not exactly pleasant but they are the reality of the way that Shervin Pishevar sees things. You can disagree with him if you wish, but he firmly believes that he is right in these assumptions.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts a Downturn in US Economy

It seems like Shervin Pishevar has a knack for predicting the future. That is what he did back in 2008 when he anticipated that Facebook would have an eventual identity crisis. Because of his correct anticipations and because of his extensive experience, many on Twitter were concerned when he posted some grim predictions about the future of the United States and its economy. He feels that the financial system lies teetering on near destruction. He sent out 50 tweets in just 21 hours anticipating a dark future for the US economy.

Shervin Pishevar is particularly well-known in the Silicon Valley area. He has seeded more than 60 companies as an angel investor. He has started a few companies and venture capital funds, including Investment company. Before sending out those 50 tweets in early February 2018, he had not been heard from on Twitter since he announced his resignation from that venture capital fund in December 2017. In addition to his experience as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist, Shervin Pishevar was given an Ellis Island Medal of Honor back in 2016. He has received other awards and has been recognized for the work he has done.

Shervin Pishevar specifically mentioned that the stock market was going to go down in the months ahead. He said it would go down by an aggregate 6,000 points. Within a very short time from sending out that prediction, the Dow dropped 300 points. This slippage is definitely something to be concerned about. However, Shervin Pishevar’s concerns appear to be broader than just that steep decline. Throughout the twitter rant, he touched on a variety of challenges that the United States is facing, including challenges within nationalism, politics, and even cultural trends.

One of the particularly ominous predictions that Shervin Pishevar makes has to do with the United States’ five big unicorns. He predicts that Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft will lose their influence and possibly completely fall. He refers to them as being built on a monopoly framework and says that they should fall because that is how evolution works. They buy out smaller startup companies, which is bad for economic growth in the US.

Stream Cares: Philantropy Matters

Stream Energy is a model company for other businesses and individuals looking for employment. It cares about its workers and the well-being of the community. Overall, Stream Energy has made an enormous difference in their community. Texas is known not to be a generous state. However, Stream is reversing that as it has already increased the generosity rating in the state. Philanthropy is in the DNA of Stream. The work they do in and outside of the office is aimed at making sure that the people in the community have what they need. Another interesting fact about the company is that it hires independent contractors.

Only people who are serious about helping others are brought on to increase the client experience. Contractors build relationships with people in the community to ensure that they are taking advantage of discount services offered in the area. Some of the services that Stream Energy provides to its clients are mobile phone plans, discounted energy, and telemedicine. Outside of the day to day work, the company has created their own philanthropic organization that partners with other non-profit businesses. A few of those non-profit businesses are the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and the Hope Supply Co.

Steam Cares stays on call at all times to monitor the rate of homelessness in the area, and help individuals who suffer sudden loss from natural disaster. For example, in 2016, a number of tornadoes struck North Texas on the day after Christmas. Christmas is a holiday built on giving, compassion, and love. To celebrate one day and lose everything the next is a tragedy.

Thankfully, Stream Energy was able to spring into action with the Salvation Army to raise money to rebuild the city. Thousands of dollars were raised. Stream, in turn, matched the funds, which doubled the amount of money raised to help the families in need. Homelessness has increased in Texas by over 20 percent. Stream Cares sees this as an opportunity to do more for their community. Overall, Stream cares is doing a great job in making the world a better place by ensuring that the community has everything it needs to live safe and healthy lives.

Ways to Make Money Online and How Market America Compares

People who have trouble finding work will find a lot of advantage to making money online, especially with Market America. One of the best things about making money online is the freedom that comes with it. For one thing, when people make money online, they are going to find a wide diversity of work that they can do. They just have to decide what it is they want to do so that they can enjoy their efforts. For instance, people can make money by writing, taking surveys and doing tons of other activities. However, when it comes to making tons of money, it involves some actual skills.

With Market America, one of the most important skills to use in order to make money is marketing. People have to learn how to get their point across to as many people as possible. There are many aspects to marketing. For those who master all of the important aspects, they are going to have the greatest success. While it can be easy for a Market America Unfranchise business owner to spread the word of their promotion to everyone, there is one other factor that can prevent people from making the sales. It is the audience itself.

The target audience is one of the most important types of audiences to reach. Therefore, it is important for the Market America user to study the product, and then find the audience that would like the product. Afterwards, all he has to do is make sure that he is reaching the people that would love the product. This can be done with the use of the right types of platforms. Another important factor is the time that is put into the work. People are going to make money depending on how committed they are to the project.

It is in giving that you receive, philanthropic Stream Energy

It is in giving that you receive, philanthropic Stream Energy

Get to know Stream Energy, a Dallas based company that is highly ranked in the energy industry. The company recently launched their Stream Cares Foundation, a philanthropic foundation, funded by the company itself, and driven by the company’s goodwill. In the recent past, Hurricane Harvey hit homes in Houston and caused a lot of damage. Stream Cares was there to help, supporting the affected citizens financially and also helping them recuperate.

Stream Energy’s decision to start a charity foundation has earned them favor and loyalty among the public and prospective clients. In the past 12 years or so, the company has accrued $8 billion in revenue. The company is also affiliated with Energy Services, Protective Services, Home Services, and Wireless services. Also, the company has developed a healthy relationship with charitable organizations for example Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and the Red Cross.

Stream Energy’s compatriots are well paid to develop a network of faithful customers while offering an array of commodities and services. Also, the company offers residential and corporate services, for example, virtual doctors receive discounted clean energy. Triumphant Stream Energy compatriots receive a commission following the sales one makes.

The company and its employees are committed to helping the homeless. They pursue homeless people in Dallas and together with Hope Supply Co., they aid the homeless. Through their partnership, Stream Energy took care of the entrance and food costs at a water park for more than 1000 homeless kids at an annual event, Splash for Hope.

Other than helping the homeless, the company is well invested in assisting military veterans and their families. In conjunction with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream provided transport to carry underprivileged military veterans and their families for lunch. The company is big-hearted, always looking for ways to give back to the community. According to a report by WalletHub, Texas is among the least charitable states in the nation, but Stream is working tirelessly to put Dallas and Texas in the top ranks.

Great Ideas of Paul Mampilly in the Field of Business

Paul Mampilly is among the people who have made in the field of business. The ideas that he has come up with and implemented has put him among the few prominent individuals who have been awarded accolades. Paul has won the award that is associated with the Templeton Foundation investment. This is what has placed him on the map of business and made him recognized as a skilled person who is dedicated to the work. He has appeared in many TV interviews such as Bloomberg TV. One of the great ideas of business that Paul has implemented is the one of his company called Profits Unlimited. He set up the company with the aim of sharing concepts with the investors who were willing to take part in the stock market.

Mampilly spends his childhood living in India. This is believed to have been the place that he was exposed to skills of running the business. He has quite a long experience of decades in the world of business. His knowledge and hard work have been seen whenever he take part in any investment. He started participating in the field of business in the year 1991 while he was proving service at a financial institution named Deutsche Bank. Paul’s records have been marked in any system that he has served in from building the accounts from the scratch to billions. This is the outstanding feature that has made him well-regarded by many financial institutions across the globe. One of the known organizations that Paul has delivered well is the one by the name Royal Bank which is located in Scotland. The commitment that he puts in his duties while at work has made him approached to serve in different corporations.

In making a move to be involved as a stakeholder in a drug’s developing company in the year 2012. The step was strategic in the sense that he sold his shares within a year a made a profit of not less than 2,000 percent. Paul being skilled and gifted in the field of business has invested in many companies which include Netflix and made substantial gains. His subscribers are benefiting from his pieces of advice on the best timing and the potential businesses that are worth being invested in. The primary factor that he believes in is reading the market trend for one to make the informed decision. He finally retired early at his age of 42 to give his family enough time and teach them on matters of America.

Paul Mampilly is a skilled person who has made tremendous profits through several investments.

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Madison Street Capital: Building Corporate Bridges

Business people and entrepreneurs who need financial services and other corporate services would recommend one firm which makes their life easier: Madison Street Capital. The international firm has become popular with business people and entrepreneurs, especially those who are coming from the middle market, because of their reputation of being the only international investment firm that caters to a lot of services for an affordable price. Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as an investment bank, with the main objective of helping small and medium sized businesses in the United States. Since then, the company branched out to include other services that will help business people and entrepreneurs who own small and medium sized companies. Madison Street Capital is currently headquartered in Chicago, and they also have satellite offices in Oregon, India, and Ghana. The company tapped the international market several years ago, and they are performing well in their satellite offices in Africa and Asia. The company is now considered to be an international investment firm, and they are still considering an expansion to Europe, South America and the Pacific to become a truly multinational firm.


Business people and entrepreneur who wanted the assistance from Madison Street Capital can visit their office directly. One of their friendly staff would speak with the concerned party, and based on what the client wanted, Madison Street Capital will be offering a list of solutions. If the client is looking for financial assistance, Madison Street Capital is more than happy to help them, provided that they will be filling out their form and will be submitting the appropriate documents to process their request. With transactions involving money, Madison Street Capital performs a strict background check. Aside from clarifying information from the concerned party, they will also send a third party investigator to find out if the information provided is factual. Madison Street Capital encouraged every individual who is transacting with them to be honest, so that the transaction would go smoothly. After all of the information are verified, Madison Street Capital would proceed to the client’s request and will release the financial assistance that they needed. Through this process, the company managed to help hundreds and even thousands of small size and medium sized business people and entrepreneurs who does not have the capacity to work with major banks for business loans.


Madison Street Capital is also offering a merge and acquisition service, where they would stand as the bridge between two parties who are going to merge. Madison Street Capital reads all of the terms and conditions, and they are instrumental in sealing such deals. The international investment firm is looking forward to help more individuals, especially those who are in the middle market, to achieve the success that they wanted. Learn more:



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Sahm Adrangi – Career and Current Ventures

Mr. Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer of the company he founded called Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC which is located in New York City.

Prior to establishing his business, the entrepreneur used to be an analyst, and he was a part of the Longacre Fund Management as well as the and Restructuring Investment Banking Group. Next, Mr. Adrangi moved on to a position at the Chanin Capital Partners where he did some investment banking, and then, Mr. Adrangi started occupying a job at the Deutsche Bank.

The company of Longacre Fund Mangement is a private investment firm. The business used to own more than a billion dollars worth of assets as of the very end of 2008. Mr. Adrangi has a number of responsibilities as an investment analyst such as doing research about credit fund as well as the equity fund.

At Chanin Capital Partners, the analyst used to work with bankruptcy restructuring. Mr. Adrangi was responsible for providing useful advice to creditors. Some f his assignments included the representation of bank debt holders, as well as preferred equity committees, bondholder committees, and a vast number of other creditors from bankrupted companies.

Over the course of his years at the Deutsche Bank, Mr. Adrangi played a large role in the structuring and syndication of many non-investment grade debts a well as high yield bonds such as leveraged buy out financings and many others.

After Mr. Adrangi moved on from the Longacre Fund Management, he set out to establish a business of his own. Kerrisdale Capital Managament LLC emerged in New York City some years ago in 2009. The business is oriented towards investment management ad t currently is responsible for more than 300 million dollars.

Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC has a strong focus on long-term value investment as well special situations. The company has been fond f sharing their ideas about investment with the community and it also provides some useful insight on its website as well as to other sites.

The business of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC has been growing steadily over the past couple of years and it has been expanding its operation.

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The risen performance of Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has acquired an exemplary reputation in the industry of finance due to its high expertise, experience, as well as integrity. Its main focus is to serve the middle market regarding their needs on investment banking. This company clearly understands the complexity of corporate finance, thus offering great assistance in the sector of international investment. Madison Street Capital reputation has specialized in matching sellers with buyers, structuring intricate contracts, and also designing strategies for exit. The company’s major areas of focus are corporate governance, services on bankruptcy, advice on private placement, mergers and acquisitions, and tax compliance. Some of the greatest clients of the firm are Central Lowa Energy, Fiber Science, as well as Bond Medical Group.

Madison Street Capital approaches corporate finance matters from a global perspective. The offices of the firm are located in Oregon, India, Chicago and Ghana. For every transaction, the executives of the company incorporate their analytical skills, knowledge and firm relationships. Clients are well aware that the firm is able to handle whichever issue at hand. Some of these issues include price allocation, business valuation, asset management and financial reporting among many others. Preservation of wealth and tax planning are also topics of focus in the company. Learn more:

A global leader in the analytics of software, DCG Software Value, had appointed Madison Street Capital as its advisor during their collaboration with Spitfire Group. This software company leads in the areas of project support, services of software estimation and also value management. Therefore, they are able to meet the needs of all businesses, whether small or large. Their collaboration with the Spitfire Group aimed at enhancing the performance of both companies ( The Spitfire Group, located in Denver, is a company that offers services of consultancy in technology and business matters. They offer appropriate technology to businesses with the aim of finding solutions to challenges on project management, development projects and technology architecture.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital aims to build firm businesses all around the United States of America. They work to create a difference in both global and local communities by dedicating to meet the needs of their clients. They also offer philanthropic assistance to organizations such as the United Way among others. The groups of professionals at Madison Street Capital have made the firm a global premiere investment corporation. This is as a result of their ability to organize the necessary capitalization and financing configuration to suit the situation of each of their client’s needs.