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Adam Milstein urges the Jewish community to support new generation leaders

Standing your ground in a world where people are continuously swayed into adopting the opinions and perception of the masses is never easy but Adam Milstein a well-known philanthropist is sufficient proof that it is possible to do so. Ever since he was a mere teenager, Adam has always shown support to his motherland Israel and does whatever he can in his might to change the negative perception that most people have towards Israel and the Jews. For instance, at the tender age of nineteen years, Adam took a risky move of fighting for Israel during the War of independence in 1948 as a combat sailor. He again took the initiative of fighting for his motherland in 1973 during the Yomi Kippur war.

Even though he left Israeli in 1981, four decades later, Adam’s incredible loyalty towards the Jewish community is still evident in everything he does. For instance, he is an author for the Times of Israel and regularly writes about matters pertaining his community and Israel as a nation.

His recent article discusses challenges that faced Israel in the past and how the leaders back then helped the Jews to overcome them. He gives an example of how leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Golda Meir, Henrietta Szold, Mordechai Anielewicz, Peter Bergson and Colonel Mickey Marcus helped lay the foundation for the next generation of Jewish leaders by tirelessly fighting for Israel. Each one of this leaders achieved milestones in alleviating antisemitism setting an ideal example for the upcoming set of Jewish game changers.

Adam Milstein is certain that the future of Jews and the state of Israel is bright because he comes across budding leaders every day as goes about his pro-Israel philanthropic activities. As a leader, Adam Milstein sees the passion and innovativeness in them and knows that they have what it takes to take on the challenges ahead of them and help lead the community against antisemitism. That is why he encourages Jews in America to identify and empower them by offering them the platforms and tools that they need to succeed in what lies ahead.

He, however, acknowledges that it will not be easy for this set of leaders to achieve their goals because there are many hurdles that will come their way. For instance, he gives the example of the recent Boycott divestment and sanctions campaign which aims at bringing down the living bridge between Jews in the diaspora and those in Israel in a bid to destroy the state of Israel. He also adds that this set of leaders will be ridiculed, isolated and will have to make tough choices which is why it is necessary that the other Jews offer them support. Doing so not only guarantees Israel a brighter future but also the global Jewish community.

More insight on Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are the brains behind the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation a platform that acts as a bridge for Jews in the diaspora to connect to their roots in Israel. Adam also sits across various board of foundations which are on the same mission and is an avid supporter of any Pro-Israel activities. He is a fearless leader who never fails to point out and condemn any anti-Semitic activities and he does so in form of actions such as writing about these incidences in the times of Israel.

Adam Milstein is truly an icon and fortunately, his efforts have been recognized severally. For instance, he was recently ranked among top 25 Twitter activists and there is no doubt that he will be a regular figure in more events and lists in future.

Paul Mampilly Takes a Swipe at the Bitcoin Craze

Paul Mampilly is an experienced investor and financial advisory guru. He is a former hedge fund manager who decided to take to Wallstreet to ply his trade from there. Judging from the recent developments in his portfolio, he is doing well. Well, it must be better than well, actually, great. He is the publisher of the popular subscription Newsletter, Profits Unlimited which has hit a subscription of 100, 000 people. He is also the owner and editor of Extreme Fortunes. He is known for his controversial yet mostly accurate predictions of the trends in the stocks market. In a recent interview, he makes some notable comments regarding the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill

It Is Going Down Soon

Well, Paul thinks that Bitcoin is a bubble that will soon burst. Mr. Mampilly is not only known for his publications but has also collected prestigious awards and recognition for his insights into the stocks market trade. He once won the much envied Templeton Foundation Award for investment. He says it is not easy to pinpoint the exact point when the bubble will burst, but he knows that it will soon crash.

Drawing from Paul Mampilly’s Life Experiences

Mr.Paul Mampilly recounts an incident in which one of his friends had invested in a stock that rose above the 1000% mark. He remembers having given his friend, Tess, a pat for a good choice. He, however, warned her that the year 1999 was designated for bubbles. So it was better if Tess sold off all if not the better part of her stocks. His friend failed to heed the advice and soon she was left empty handed. Paul Mampilly believes that the current trend with cryptocurrency is similar to the 1999 scenario when there was the explosion of Internet-related technologies, and the related shares were hitting the roof. He draws comparisons and observes that the internet bubble of 1999 was made of huge companies with respected history and reputation. For example, Qualcomm Inc had risen 2, 619%. He observes that there was a list of another 9 stocks on the Nasdaq that had risen by 900%. He points out, for the benefit of readers, and his followers that the stocks that came tumbling weren’t from backstreet setups. They were stocks of well-established organizations which were Nasdaq-listed. Visit the website to learn more.

The Verdict

Quick unusual Rises in stock prices signify danger ahead in stocks trade. They signal the market that someone is losing their head and that it’s a matter of time before matters are returned to normalcy. He observes that the cryptocurrency bubble is not an exception to the age-old free market rules. He warns his fans and followers to remove their money if any from Bitcoin and cryptocurrency activity, lest they lose when it comes crashing down. Follow:



Jason Hope – Philanthropist And Author

A new eBook published on Amazon is written by Jason Hope and is titled Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution. This book is designed to help people to grow using the intenet and thechology regarding the Internet of Things, in the time in which they live. Jason Hope gives step-by-step information about what can be expected from technology in the future. In this book, Jason Hope outlines his knowledge of information which includes his hope for the future in the technology era.

Jason Hope believes that conditions such as cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and other illnesses can be overcome without just treating symptoms. He believes in preventing these diseases before they happen. He would like to see people live long and healthy lives and he seeks to reverse the process of aging or at least slow it down.

Jason Hope And His Charitable Contributions

SENS Foundation is a charity that Jason Hope supports and has been doing so for many years. SENS Foundation assists in helping people to gain entry to technology that prevents them from growing old and preserve all manner of sickness. He donated 500,000 dollars to SENS Foundation in December 2010.

The donation that Jason Hope gave will be used to help in the advancement and improvement of medicine called AGE-breakers. It is the goal that these AGE-breakers will get rid of glycation end-products that are in the advanced stage of development. Glycation end-products accumulate in the flesh of a person as they get older. This results in the person’s skin and veins losing its elasticity.

Jason Hope’s Education

Jason Hope attended the Arizona State University and graduated with a bachelor degree. He received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Jason Hope’s Perspective About The Internet Of Things.

According to Jason, he believed strongly in the Internet of Things. He is an entrepreneur, a commentator, and a writer who is always in tune with the latest technological trends. The articles that Jason wrote regarding the Internet Of Things have been well received by many who are versed in the technical profession.

The Internet of Things is in reference to technology that is connected thereby allowing different devices to sync and function with each other. This function of connectivity between devices is the everyday items one uses such as electronic devices and street lights. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things influences other technological devices and is probably the largest invention that will continue to improve.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page:

Adam Milstein Challenges the Jewish community to step up and defend their rights

Adam Milstein in his recent article on the Times of Israel blog says Israel and particularly the Jewish people are facing challenges that can only be faced by great leaders who will offer great leadership. He says Israel’s main challenge back in the world war era was to fight for the allies and raise the awareness about the possible destruction of the European Jewry

But now, Milstein sees that Israel is facing a new set of challenges with the main problem revolving around the eradication of the state of Israel. This problem, he says, is trying to separate the Jewish community especially the one in America from their true homeland Israel. To him, he believes that these problems demand immediate action and which can be tackled by the new emerging leaders from the Jewish community living in the Diaspora.

According to him, the American Jewish community needs to identify and support the current crop of Israeli leaders who are bold enough to fight against anti-Semitism and who are willing to fight for the Jewish homeland.

During his time as a pro-Israel activism, Adam Milstein says he has met a number of innovative, brilliant minded and passionate pro-Israel activists who are rising up to meet the challenges that Israel is currently facing in the modern times. He has come to believe that these are the very people who will bring change to Israel as they are taking active roles in creating links between America and Israel.

Adam Milstein is also cognizant of the fact that leaders face numerous challenges in their leadership and it is for this reason that he encourages the Jewish community to come out and offer support. He challenges them to invest in the current crop of good leaders so that the Jewish future can be safeguarded.

Adam Milstein is a native Israeli who served time in the Israeli defense force during the famous Yom Kippur war. In 1978, he graduated from the Technion Institute before moving to the United States where he attained his MBA postgraduate degree. Currently, he is the co-founder and managing director of Hager Pacific Properties a company dealing with real estate investments.

Exceptional Expertise Peter Briger Has For Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has become successful because of the great and skilled people who have worked there. Although you can celebrate the company’s success, you shouldn’t forget to talk about those who sacrificially contributed to its success and growth. Many people have worked in Fortress Investment Group and they have left the impact on different levels. Anything each of these people did when working for this group was significant and highly appreciated. However, it is not possible to forget what Peter Briger did during his tenure in this company. His contributions were immense and saw the company grow and go beyond some of the expectations that had been set. He has served in this group at an executive position and what did is worth noting. As a successful professional in the financial matters, Peter proves what an experience of about 30 years can do. He is currently the principal of the Fortress Group and he also co-chairs the board of directors. The offices of this company are based in San Francisco.

Peter’s career was not just successful and admirable but also brilliant. He has held different executive positions in different places after graduating from Wharton Business School with a master’s degree in Business Administration. This school-based at Pennsylvania University is known to produce the best business students across the world. Before he went for his MBA, Peter attended Princeton University for his undergraduate studies. After his university studies, Peter was lucky to work as an administrator at President Lyndon B. Johnson and President John F. Kennedy. He learned a lot and gained adequate skills that made him become a better employee in other different places. In the field of asset management, Peter has worked there for about 20 years. Fortress Investment Group runs credit fund and real estate departments and Peter happens to be in charge of these departments. The role Peter has played in Fortress Group since 2002 is inexplicable.

The group has both private and institutional investors with assets worth more than 65 billion dollars. Peter has been managing all this and growth has continued to be conspicuous.Four years after the group was founded, Peter Briger joined it to spearhead the changes and growth people see today. The Fortress Group was at this time expanding and at a delicate stage that required adequate management and expertise. This was what Peter Briger did. His expertise became the company’s vital requirement it needed to become the private equity company it has become today. For about 15 years, Peter was highly committed to the affairs of the Goldman Sachs. He was the overseer of all the operations this company had in different places. He was the co-head for various departments in Goldman Sachs such as Income Investment Group, Trading business, as well, as Whole Loan Sales. It was Peter who co-founded the Special Situations Group that belongs to Goldman Sachs in 1997. Though the new Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund of the group, Peter has helped the team to enjoy 4 billion dollars and above. One thing that shows Peter is a compassionate person is his undying passion for the needy children.

It is in giving that you receive, philanthropic Stream Energy

It is in giving that you receive, philanthropic Stream Energy

Get to know Stream Energy, a Dallas based company that is highly ranked in the energy industry. The company recently launched their Stream Cares Foundation, a philanthropic foundation, funded by the company itself, and driven by the company’s goodwill. In the recent past, Hurricane Harvey hit homes in Houston and caused a lot of damage. Stream Cares was there to help, supporting the affected citizens financially and also helping them recuperate.

Stream Energy’s decision to start a charity foundation has earned them favor and loyalty among the public and prospective clients. In the past 12 years or so, the company has accrued $8 billion in revenue. The company is also affiliated with Energy Services, Protective Services, Home Services, and Wireless services. Also, the company has developed a healthy relationship with charitable organizations for example Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and the Red Cross.

Stream Energy’s compatriots are well paid to develop a network of faithful customers while offering an array of commodities and services. Also, the company offers residential and corporate services, for example, virtual doctors receive discounted clean energy. Triumphant Stream Energy compatriots receive a commission following the sales one makes.

The company and its employees are committed to helping the homeless. They pursue homeless people in Dallas and together with Hope Supply Co., they aid the homeless. Through their partnership, Stream Energy took care of the entrance and food costs at a water park for more than 1000 homeless kids at an annual event, Splash for Hope.

Other than helping the homeless, the company is well invested in assisting military veterans and their families. In conjunction with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream provided transport to carry underprivileged military veterans and their families for lunch. The company is big-hearted, always looking for ways to give back to the community. According to a report by WalletHub, Texas is among the least charitable states in the nation, but Stream is working tirelessly to put Dallas and Texas in the top ranks.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports on potential of PPP to reduce deficit.

December 2004 Federal Law 11,079 / 04, defined all the rules and regulations that govern how public private partnerships are to be implemented. Law 11,079 / 04 details how payments are made and how projects are implemented. Felipe Montoro Jens, reports public private partnerships are a good tool the government can use to get expensive projects completed that normally would be soley the responsibility of the government, now the burden and benefits can be shared by the public and private sectors. The private sector can bring advanced technology, and efficient implementation projects, while the public sector can bring its high standards and regulations.

Felipe Montoro Jens reported on R $ 44 billion investment by the Brazilian government in the form of a 57 project, 22 sector stimulus package that is supposed to make available more public private partnerships in the country. Felipe Montoro Jens reports there are more public private partnerships in Brazil now than it was 8 to 10 years ago, the overall numbers are still too low to make a positive impact. Felipe Montoro Jens has learned the government ran company Infraero, is currently responsible to run all the major airports in the country is planning to auction Brasilia, Confis (Belo Horizinte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro), Guarulhos (Sao Paulo), Maceio (AL), Joao Pessoa (PB), Aracaju (SE), Juazeiro do Norte (CE), Campina (PB), Recife (PE), Varzea Grande (MT), Rondonopolis (MT), Alta Floresta (MT), Barra do Garcas (MT), Victoria (ES) and Macae (RJ) to the private sector.

Felipe Montoro Jens also reported about the Belo Horizonte public private partnership project. Belo Horizonte is making history as they are implementing a 20 year project that is leveraging the use of a public private partnership project to upgrade all the public lighting to LED lights. It is projected by 2020 all 182,000 lights would have been upgraded.

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Ian King, Cryptocurrency Trading Expert

Ian King: Cryptocurrency expert and Entrepreneur

Ian King grew up on New Jersey shore, worked as an ocean lifeguard during summer vacations. He was made the captain of the busiest beach in Belmar at the age of 19. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. He had a passion for trading while in school that prompted him to start trading in dot-com stocks from his dorm room. Because of his interest in trading, he went on to an internship program at Merrill Lynch. He acquired necessary skill and experience through rescuing people as a lifeguard which he applied in his entrepreneur journey in trading.

Ian King was a former hedge fund manager and now an expert in cryptocurrency trading. He has many years of knowledge in analyzing and trading in the financial market. He is a senior contributing editor at the Banyan Hill publishing and first established crypto investing multimedia product for Investopedia.

Cryptocurrencies are a vital change in the way people can exchange something of value built on trust. He believes the economies do well in societies where people trust each other.

A unicorn in the financial industry is a startup project or venture that can claim a $1 billion in the estimate and it can be used as a real rarity. Many companies all over the world have been labeled as unicorns namely Pinterest, Dropbox, Uber, and Airbnb. These unicorn companies have a combined investment of two hundred billion and a $967 billion market evaluation. This amounts to a high percentage return of 4oo in about two years.

Investors presently trust that they will be where they need to be to get in at the start of a new big thing or venture. This condition has created a new startup unicorn called cryptocorn. There are 41 blockchain projects that were estimated at over $1 billion however, bitcoin was the only one that could be a verifiable Cryptocorn.

Ian King is considered a cryptocurrency expert because of his expertise in the financial and trading market for over two decades. As a cryptocurrency trader, he has an impressive knowledge of the market. He is one of the leading contributors in the world of cryptocurrencies. He has designed a program to help educate people about cryptocurrencies like ripple, monero, bitcoin, and litecoin to mention few.

Ian King believes that the distribution of investment among new crypto asset undertakings is just the beginning, as new bitcoin millionaires invest back into their crypto wealth and new entrepreneurs look to exploit the current rush of Investment.

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Shouldn’t We All Listen 50 Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali, a 20 year veteran of the Natural Resource Industry and Editor of the Real Wealth Strategist has quite a low social media presence. With a 3.7 star rating and little to no engagement on his facebook posts, you can only wonder why. What are Freedom Checks? The term Freedom Check was given by Matt Badiali but he did not create the actual checks. A Freedom Check is a distribution check, sizable from 10k to 50k a month, distributed to top investors of natural resource companie. These checks are tax free and cover at least 90% of the companies income. One of the biggest reasons many people have not experienced these Freedom Checks is because, only 568 companies are eligible to issue Freedom Checks through master limited partnership. Matt Badiali helped others discover that only royal trusts, and master limited partnerships, or MLPs, fit this category of companies able to issue such checks. Matt Badiali went online to introduce this mystery income that many have no clue exist. Matt pushes everyone to read, learn and invest in natural resources so, we to, can experience Freedom Checks.

Matt has a Bachelors of Science in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and Matt Badiali’s findings for Real Wealth Strategist seem well explained. The Real Wealth Strategist is a research service with created to help regular investors, to invest in the natural resource industry to allow bigger returns. When you purchase the services you receive a model portfolio, weekly updates, trade alerts, and more. Banyan Hill Publishing has taken on the role of the fastest growing publisher of independent investment advice in the world, with Real Wealth Strategist being a key piece of their publishing’s. With Zinc being Matt’s current recommended investment, his experience as a geologist and his expertise in natural resources drives his determination and his views.

Matt Baliadi’s role on is to write what he knows, and that includes investing, stocks, commodities and other related topics. His article title, “The Zinc Bull Market Remains in Place”, speaks about the consistency of the Zinc prices in the last decade and what is expected of it in the near future. His prediction is a 500% gain from a price increase of Zinc to $3.95 per pound, with early investors making a fortune. He also speaks about why investing in gold miners is so hot right now. Being a gold miner investor allows you to benefit even when the price of gold only rises a small amount. This, is due to enterprise value increasing and gold miners exploding in value, resulting in the companies being highly profitable from small moves in gold price. This is great incite from an expert, aligned his moto, “Over deliver. Five more value than people expect.” These were his exact words from his interview with Ideamensch. You can learn more about Matt Badiali by visiting:


Michael Hagele’s Experience and Advice in Business

Michael Hagele is the outside general counsel for several technology companies in the aerospace, defense, internet and biotechnology industries. He has also been an investor in technology companies in their early stages and an investor and founder of many firms in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Hagele’s involvement in these industries has given him experience in negotiating, drafting, licensing distribution, development agreements and many more. He has worked in commercial agreements in relation to technology companies and does promotional marketing, intellectual property, and sales.

Michael Hagele has served as the general counsel of internet companies supported by venture capital where he helped manage legal affairs like stock option plans, intellectual property, corporate governance, employment issues, and mergers and acquisitions issues.

His experience as both an outside and in-house general counsel has shown him that no matter how small a firm is, high quality and affordable legal services is possible with technology businesses. He has also learned that being tenacious and it’s best to keep going while challenging assumptions and dealing with new information and opportunities as they come around. He also suggests exercising, as it helps with recharging and improving your mind.

Social media has been a huge strategy for growing his businesses, which he utilizes by talking with customers about his products. He also uses various software like TSA PreCheck, MS Office, and many products offered by Google. The book he recommends to entrepreneurs is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Michael Hagele has an interest in artificial intelligence and has invested in and advised in a company that has created an app dedicated to finding the best use of funding. The app uses a machine learning algorithmn.

Michael Hagele graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree and from the University of California at Berkeley with a JD.

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