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The Midas Legacy’s Investment and Wealth Consultancy Services

The Midas Legacy is a trusted consultancy company that has specialized in wealth management, investments, and it also offers guidelines on how to be prosperous. The firm operates from its headquarters, which are based in Winter Garden, Florida. The main clients that it serves are entrepreneurs who want to develop themselves, individuals who desire to have inner serenity and happiness, and people who need to heal themselves naturally. The solutions that the firm provides are vital to one’s success. Its professionals guide the clients on how to determine the most suitable finance and business alternatives. The Midas Legacy inspires its customers to be focused on attaining success even if they face obstacles.

One of the greatest challenges that many people face is how to manage their investments so that they can be financially independent after they retire. This difficulty can be solved by the Midas Legacy since it has sufficient skills and experience in many fields. The organization starts offering its services to the clients from the first day that they register as members. A set of guidelines, which is known as The Midas Code is given to the customers to lead them throughout their journey of being successful.

Three principal professionals offer the services of the Midas Legacy. They are Sean Bower, Mark Edwards, and Jim Samson. Mark Edwards has specialized in providing natural remedies, and he helps clients who need to learn more about health solutions and who they can be used for treatment. Jim Samson is a renowned author who has many bestselling books. He has been in the real estate sector for two decades, and therefore, he has acquired adequate knowledge on the industry. Samson is also a skilled and successful entrepreneur. Sean Bower is a celebrated journalist whose primary field of expertise is business journalism. He has acquired finance skills through his profession, and he advises businesspeople on investments.

The Midas Legacy is also recognized for its support towards charity activities in the community. It has benefited various organizations through its social responsibility program, and they include the Florida Sheriffs Association, which regards it as a Gold Business Partner. The Give Hope Foundation, which operates in Central Florida and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are also facilitated by the company to fight childhood cancer and other dangerous diseases. Other institutions that depend on The Midas Legacy’s support are the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Salvations Army.

Chris Burch: A Household Name

Christopher Burch may not be a name that you are familiar with, but once you hear about everything that he has accomplished and done in his life, you will wonder why it is not a household name. Christopher Burch had a very modest upbringing. His father had always been involved in business and was a sole proprietor himself. He wanted to teach his children all about the business world and the meaning of hard work. To drive this point home, Christopher’s father enlisted him into service at a construction company at the ripe age of 13. There, he worked long days and made very little money, but from that point on, Christopher wanted to work for a living and be an entrepreneur.


Christopher got his first taste of real entrepreneurship when he was attending Ithaca College. He and his brother invested the paltry sum of $2,000 in their very own apparel business named Eagle’s Eye. Eagle’s Eye bought sweaters for under ten dollars per item of clothing and then sold them for a handsome profit. While this idea was not earth shattering, it was something that nobody else was attempting to do. Through word of mouth and Christopher’s business skill, they were able to grow the business to nearly $140 million in sales after just ten years. They ended up selling their venture for $165 million, making an extremely impressive profit. For Christopher, this was only the beginning of a life of investment.


Christopher then created the Burch Creative Capital Group after he graduated. He had made some good investments between the end of college and the start of his own firm, and he wanted to do something with it. Today, this company is worth billions and has helped to start over 50 businesses. The business model at Burch Creative Capital is to find the companies and ideas that are very innovative and that are not in any currently established markets. The more creative the idea, the better in the mind of Christopher Burch. It is with these truly risky and disruptive technologies and investments that you can make a real profit.


Today, Christopher Burch is a billionaire. He has been in numerous publications, including Forbes, that praise his style and the way he runs his business. He is still investing, hoping to get a piece of the growing technology sector, as well as in areas that are getting more popular with the public, like organic foods. His presence is growing every day.

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