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NYC Has The Top Japanese Cuisine Outside Of Japan

New York City has the most exquisite Japanese cuisine outside of Japan itself according to the 2018 Michelin star ratings. The travel guide source gave 71 restaurants in the Big Apple the coveted five-star reward, and 15 of those cuisine eateries were Japanese spots.

Masa restaurant was one of the big winners this year. The dining spot, which is the most expensive of its kind in the city, was given five stars because of its incredible food but is most known around town as costing upwards of $500 per person. Masa takes full advantage of secrecy as it does not offer its patrons a menu from which they may choose based on prices if the budget is limited. Such is the reason why middle-class New Yorkers typically avoid the spot unless they are treating themselves to a splurge.

Masa and several other high-end Japanese restaurants making this year’s list has many convinced that high prices and not fabulous cuisine are what matter to Michelin. Another criticism that comes with this year’s list is the fact that Asian countries such as Japan took the lead as the cream of the crop while South Asian region’s such as India were seemingly left off the ticket. Mexico was equally underrepresented in Michelin’s five-star list as only one New York restaurant, Casa Enrique, made it among the top percentile.

The Michelin Guide has been an active influencer in the restaurant industry with its star ratings for years. Many chefs would probably give their right arms to have their food showcased among the top fives. It certainly does not look as if Japanese cuisine is going anywhere soon.