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Katz’s Deli Gets Into the Subscription Business

Companies that have been in business for 130 years know how to adapt to current trends and are adept at quality customer service. That description fits one of the most iconic establishments in New York City, Katz’s Delicatessen, which is now offering a subscription delivery program to keep its hungry and loyal followers satisfied far beyond the deli itself.


The program went into effect on May 30, with different price tags providing those customers the chance to enjoy Katz’s heavenly pastrami wherever they happen to be located. The deli’s current owner, Jake Dell, took his time before he plunged into this growing market, knowing that a hasty plunge could potentially damage a brand that effectively helps define what the city is all about.


The four different subscriptions offered range from a single month to a full year. Each month will cost the buyer $150, with different themes making for some convenient marketing. One of those months is December, which focuses on the festive atmosphere surrounding Hanukkah and includes such side items as mini-latkes and gefilte fish.


The pastrami, which Katz has turned into a work of art by slowly smoking it and keeping the juices inside the meat, remains the centerpiece of each order. The first of these orders will provide customers with two pounds of pastrami-one of them sliced and another uncut. Those prices also entitle each order to a quart of pickles as well as a pound of mustard to slather on the loaf of rye bread that’s included.


For those who have to have Katz’s for big get-togethers, there’s the Big Ticket package. These pricey orders range from the Bronze, which will feed 50 people and cost $995, to the $9,995 Platinum, which can hopefully satisfy 150 people who will devour mountains of pastrami and corned beef.