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New York Restaurant News: Keith McNally

Keith McNally is a restauranteur giant in New York, who’s fate appeared to hang in the balance as critics looked on with tilted pens. McNally is responsible for several notable locations in the city including Balthazar, which marked its twenty years in business in 2017, and Augustine which just opened in 2016.

Although he has gone through what most would consider a tumultuous couple of years, McNally continues to be a force in the industry. News recently broke of the closing of his restaurant Cherche Midi, scheduled in June of 2018 on the heels of another restaurant, Schiller’s, in summer of 2017. The city’s staple liquor bar, located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, closed it’s doors after 14 years and right around the same time that McNally was reported to have suffered a massive stroke. While some may look as these occurrences as setbacks, McNally is still thriving in the restaurant business as he makes the necessary economical moves to maintain in the ever dynamic field of food service.

Owning a business is not easy, especially when dealing with brick and mortar locations hosted on some of the most expensive plots of land in the entire country. Running a restaurant may be one of the hardest business endeavors to master and McNally has several. This savvy entrepreneur has been in business for decades precisely because he is able to make the difficult decisions when necessary. For example, McNally kept Schiller’s open even after it ceased being profitable because of his affection for the place and its people. However, he eventually had to do what was called for and that was to end that branch of his business and focus on what was working.