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Times Square Cereal Cafe Takes Off

The recently opened and much buzzed about Kellogg’s NYC cereal restaurant is already attracting tons of business from tourists. In a recently published article on Eater, a number of families visiting New York from all over the country said they wanted to experience a hot food trend while in the city. Even though regular bowls cost $7.50 a pop and cereal sundaes are $8.50, the visitors claimed they didn’t mind paying for the experience and felt the price was comparable to breakfast at other restaurants in the area.

Kellogg’s NYC doesn’t just serve up plain bowls of cereal, it serves nostalgia. Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi whips up breakfast concoctions containing fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, ice cream, Pop Tart chunks and more. You can choose one of a long list of cereal creations or customize with add-ons for an extra fee. Kellogg’s marketing guru Andrew Shripka claims that cereal sales are down, so serving up cereal creations is a way to encourage customers to recreate them at home later.

The restaurant tries to evoke childhood memories with brick interior, chalkboard walls, plastic cereal box prizes, and kid-friendly favorites like Froot Loops. Even the service process is nostalgic. Customers open up fire engine red cabinet doors to reveal brown paper grocery bags containing their treats. This is supposed to evoke memories of grocery shopping and bringing home cereal boxes.