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Laidlaw Takes Advantage of Clients Through Bad Advice

Financial advisers should be held to higher standards than they currently are. Many will tell you that they have top stock picks even though they don’t possess expert knowledge about the industry they are talking about. This is because financial advisers prioritize lining their own pockets over helping their clients. There is a disconnection between their ability to earn money and the quality of their advice because they earn even if their advice is wrong. You see examples of such bad advice even in respected newspapers like Canada’s, The Globe and Mail, which is its oldest most respected newspaper.

Another company that is notorious for unscrupulous investment advice is Laidlaw. They are as bad as it gets in my opinion because they charged their client Relmada for unneeded services in order to exploit them. Then when Relmada caught onto their mischief they spread false information to manipulate their stock price, and finally attempted a hostile takeover. James Ahern and Matthew Eitner are the principal officers of Laidlaw and they are so immoral that a federal judge had to issue an injunction against them to get them to stop. This is truly an example of predatory financial advisement. Relmada had no choice but to defend itself against a team was supposed to be their most trusted ally.

Relmada is a company that prides itself on integrity and it has built a robust product portfolio in the pharmaceutical industry. It has created significant value for the world over the past few years with its unique products. It has developed a product all BuTab which has good clinical results in treating chronic pain. Its especially important because it provides an alternative method of pain alleviation for those who have been addicted to opioids. When Laidlaw manipulates and extorts good companies like Relmada the public loses access to innovative products like this.