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Adam Milstein urges the Jewish community to support new generation leaders

Standing your ground in a world where people are continuously swayed into adopting the opinions and perception of the masses is never easy but Adam Milstein a well-known philanthropist is sufficient proof that it is possible to do so. Ever since he was a mere teenager, Adam has always shown support to his motherland Israel and does whatever he can in his might to change the negative perception that most people have towards Israel and the Jews. For instance, at the tender age of nineteen years, Adam took a risky move of fighting for Israel during the War of independence in 1948 as a combat sailor. He again took the initiative of fighting for his motherland in 1973 during the Yomi Kippur war.

Even though he left Israeli in 1981, four decades later, Adam’s incredible loyalty towards the Jewish community is still evident in everything he does. For instance, he is an author for the Times of Israel and regularly writes about matters pertaining his community and Israel as a nation.

His recent article discusses challenges that faced Israel in the past and how the leaders back then helped the Jews to overcome them. He gives an example of how leaders such as David Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Golda Meir, Henrietta Szold, Mordechai Anielewicz, Peter Bergson and Colonel Mickey Marcus helped lay the foundation for the next generation of Jewish leaders by tirelessly fighting for Israel. Each one of this leaders achieved milestones in alleviating antisemitism setting an ideal example for the upcoming set of Jewish game changers.

Adam Milstein is certain that the future of Jews and the state of Israel is bright because he comes across budding leaders every day as goes about his pro-Israel philanthropic activities. As a leader, Adam Milstein sees the passion and innovativeness in them and knows that they have what it takes to take on the challenges ahead of them and help lead the community against antisemitism. That is why he encourages Jews in America to identify and empower them by offering them the platforms and tools that they need to succeed in what lies ahead.

He, however, acknowledges that it will not be easy for this set of leaders to achieve their goals because there are many hurdles that will come their way. For instance, he gives the example of the recent Boycott divestment and sanctions campaign which aims at bringing down the living bridge between Jews in the diaspora and those in Israel in a bid to destroy the state of Israel. He also adds that this set of leaders will be ridiculed, isolated and will have to make tough choices which is why it is necessary that the other Jews offer them support. Doing so not only guarantees Israel a brighter future but also the global Jewish community.

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Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are the brains behind the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation a platform that acts as a bridge for Jews in the diaspora to connect to their roots in Israel. Adam also sits across various board of foundations which are on the same mission and is an avid supporter of any Pro-Israel activities. He is a fearless leader who never fails to point out and condemn any anti-Semitic activities and he does so in form of actions such as writing about these incidences in the times of Israel.

Adam Milstein is truly an icon and fortunately, his efforts have been recognized severally. For instance, he was recently ranked among top 25 Twitter activists and there is no doubt that he will be a regular figure in more events and lists in future.

OSI Group Feeding the Global Consumer

OSI Group began as a family run company named Otto and Sons and transformed into a top global food provider. Through partnerships with leaders in the food retail service sector, OSI Group offers a variety of products around the world. Since its founding, the privately held company has made substantial infrastructural and financial investments.

Agility, pursuit for entrepreneurial excellence and growth, innovation and collaboration with stakeholders have driven the success of OSI Group over the year. The company’s focuses in production and distribution of vegetable products, meats, seafood, sauces and processed protein items. OSI finished products are available in supermarkets and restaurants around the world. OSI Group’s marketing strategy is to provide customized products that meet the tastes and preferences of the local consumer. Headquartered in Aurora Illinois and with subsidiaries across 17 countries in 60 different facilities, OSI group is also a global employer.

OSI Group pursues growth through joint ventures, partnerships, and acquisitions. In August 2016, the company led by CEO, Sheldon Lavin, and current President David McDonald, acquired Europe based Baho Food. Baho Food was also a food provider founded in the Netherlands and serves 18 countries in Europe with subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany. The Dutch company primarily focused on the manufacture of deli meats, snacks, and convenience foods. Adding Baho Food to the OSI Group portfolio increased its market share in the European market as well as the product offerings.

The purchase of Flagship Europe was also in 2016. With an established market in the UK, Flagship Europe products include frozen poultry, dressing, sauces, mayonnaise, pies and sous vide equipment. The transaction exposed both companies to new markets and extended OSI Group’s influence in the European market. Flagship Europe would benefit from OSI’S success in other markets such as Asia and the USA. OSI group has also continued its expansion in other Europe countries such as Spain and Germany through partnerships and joint ventures.

Even as it focuses on international expansions, OSI Group is keen to grow its influence in the domestic market. So far, OSI has diversified its products and services as it seeks to attract more customers and meet the various needs. With the new food pant in Chicago, purchased from Tyson Foods for $7.4 million, OSI Group intends to scale up its production capacity in the US. The transaction also secured jobs for five hundred people in the local community. For more info about us: click here.

As consumer demands evolve, the company intends to continue expanding to meet the needs more efficiently. For its commitment in containing environmental risks, OSI Group received the 2016 Globe of Honour Award presented by the British Safety Council. OSI has also won several other awards in the local markets it operated.

Betsy DeVos’ Experienced Leadership for School Choice

For thirty years, Betsy DeVos has worked tirelessly on reforming school systems around the country. The main focus of her philanthropy and reform work has centered around Milton Friedman and the school choice model, which states that parents, not the government, not the zip code, but parents and their children are best able to determine how and where a child should be educated.

She is chairman of many groups and councils focused on expanding school choice at both the state and national level. Her own family foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation organizes charitable donations to politicians and non-profit organizations who show commitment to her educational reform ideals. She is now the United States Secretary of Education, and plans to continue her work of expanding school choice to even more families across the country. Read more about her philanthropy at

Her involvement began when she and her husband, Dick, had school aged children and visited the Potter House Christian School in their home state of Michigan. There, they saw many fellow parents who wished nothing more than that their children would have a better education, but struggled to afford tuition. They decided to support the school and provide scholarships for the low-income students there.

The experienced changed Betsy DeVos’ perspective on education. She and her husband knew they had the time and resources to devote to changing the lives of more than just the students at a single school. In 1990 her husband was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan, and she started a foundation to give scholarships to low-income parents so they could afford to send their students to whichever school they chose. Still, they recognized that structural changes were needed.

During the 1990s, Betsy DeVos served on the boards of two national charities working to change laws so they would provide vouchers and tax credits for private schooling children. They helped pass the Michigan Charter School bill in 1993. The Michigan program was so successful that the reformers created the American Federation for Children, which sought to duplicate the success through legal changes nationwide.

Since 2000, Betsy DeVos’ giving and philanthropy work has helped create school choice reforms in many other states, including Florida and Louisiana. In Louisiana she helped create a grass roots campaign for the new voucher program that was meant to bring kids out of failing schools in New Orleans and other cities. The Board of Education only gave families a one-week window, so they quickly arranged for a grassroots campaign to sign up as many parents as possible.

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Over the last thirty years, Betsy DeVos has helped rearrange the school landscape for many parents by funding and volunteering for school choice measures around the country.

Exploring The Uses And Benefits Of Comparative Law To Governance And Development

In the absence of laws that are progressive, a government would find it difficult to make progress. Most of the challenges that government agencies come across are complex and require complex laws that are designed to bring to an end these challenges. It may prove difficult to develop a new set of laws but with the right professional support the process may be easy and fast. One of the methods that has been proved to effectively offer reliable laws is using comparative law while developing new laws for an organization or a government.


Defined in simple terms, comparative law is a section of law where law experts visit different regions with the sole purpose to learn about the laws used by people of those places. Through research and study, they are able to borrow ideas that can effectively work to make the process of developing laws for their regions easy. Once they are done getting these ideas, they are ushered into a new system where they are allowed to come up with intelligent processes that effectively deal with problems. Comparative law is a field that has seen massive growth since its introduction in the early 18th century by European scholars.  Check also this.


Many countries across the world use comparative law in the development of new and effective tools of governance. One instance where comparative law comes in handy is during the constitutional development process. The government wants to have laws that are modern and suited to the problems the society faces and through comparative law this wish is easily fulfilled. Some of the governments that have invested in the development of comparative laws include China, which is one of the most developed nations.  More articles on


Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is among renowned law professors who have impacted the world in a positive manner by offering solutions to many problems facing the world. His profession as a law professor has particularly been of use to different governments across the world. Sujit Choudhry specializes in comparative law and has helped several countries to draft new laws.


Some of the countries where his support led to the development of new laws include Egypt, Nepal and South Africa. He has also been working with organizations like the World Bank and the UN during missions meant to offer better governance ideas and to help in peace building missions. Sujit Choudhry has also been conducting research on a number of areas including constitutional development, comparative law and peace building.   Hit this

Omar Boraie Is Deeply Involved In New Jersey Development

The state of New Jersey has grown quite a lot over the centuries, and their state has many areas that must be improved with development. There are many developers, and those who offer the best development options are building differing types of structures. Omar Boraie started his construction company in New Jersey long ago, and this article explains how his company has changed many parts of the state that are in need of new life.

#1: What Does His Company Do?

Omar uses his company to develop different parts of the state that are simply too old to serve the public. He wishes to see the state become stronger by building new structures that serve people who are in need of better places to live and work. Omar Boraie  often asks the cities to give over something that will help his firm, and he does the construction himself. The buildings become retail units, residential areas and industrial developments.

#2: How Does Omar Build?

Boraie prefers to build in plots that are linked together. He wishes to see a multi-use development grow to help the community find what is needed, and he will see many people move in as they look for new jobs. They will have a place to work, and they will have places to shop before they head home. The communities may be quite closed, and they will be delightful places to live as the families need not go far to find anything they need.

#3: Why Is Omar Committed To New Jersey?

Omar Boraie has been in New Jersey for over 40 years, and he started his work around Newark and New Brunswick. He believes he may make his home state a better place to live, and he wants to see everyone in the state served with something that changes lives. He knows that his developments bring life to the state, and he is increasing the tax base at the same time.

The career of Omar Boraie has been dedicated to building a lovely New Jersey. The state is a good place to live, and it gets better with every new project.