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EOS-Rethinking the Way We Nourish Our Lips

Generic run-of-the-mill lip balms have far too long been dominant in the oral care market but since its launch seven years ago, EOS lip balm has begun to break the mold. If you need lip care, then EOS is a new and refreshing way to get it.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a pastel-colored orb filled with a delicious flavor of lip balm that will give you incredibly smooth lips. In an article on Fast Company, when Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder and managing partner of EOS, was working on developing EOS lip balms, he wanted them to be enjoyable to use. His strategy was to spend more time creating their product, rather than on distribution efforts.

Since lip care items seemed to be used primarily by the female market, EOS was created with the target audience of Millennial women aged 25 to 35 in mind and it has been tailor-made for them. EOS appeals to all five of the senses and its unique orb shape makes it easy to find in the bottom of your purse or bag. The tagline of EOS became, “The lip balm that makes you smile,” and it is an innovative and unique product that really stands out from all the rest.

Although it wasn’t easy to get EOS on the shelves of stores, you can now find the organic and natural lip care orb in Walmart, Walgreens, Racked, and Target. EOS has a large social media following and beauty bloggers are raving about the orb on YouTube, Facebook (, and Instagram. Millennial celebrities have even helped to endorse their product. Just one photo of a new flavor can get over 40,000 likes.

The backgrounds and entrepreneurial expertise of Teller and Mehra has really paid off and they are working on adding to their line of lotions, shaving creams and of course, lip balms.