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Amazing Food And A World Class Location Await You At Lobster Club

Midtown Manhattan has long been a mecca for those in search of a great fine dining experience. One of the most fabled of all midtown fine dining spots is what was formerly known as landmark the Four Seasons. While the original restaurant closed, three new restaurants have sprung up in the same space. One of these spaces is a new restaurant called the Lobster Club. It is part of an area with two others: The Pool and The Grill. The new space is even more upscale and more devoted to luxury than the other two spaces. This one allows diners to sample some of the finest ingredients in a storied and hallowed space. Those who head here can expect a menu that has been dubbed Japanese Brasserie. Here, it’s largely both seafood and ingredients like Kobe beef that have become world class symbols of luxury dining all over the globe.

Amazing Food

Those in search of a special occasion to remember will not be disappointed. Diners can pick from many appetizers including the lobster tail that has been flash fried in a wok. Even ordinary items such as chicken wings are given an updating here and made new and flavorful again. Japanese classics like dragon rolls are also given a fresh update with the use of avocado and scallops. Diners can opt for a part of the menu fully devoted to meat that has been carefully aged and well seasoned before presenting on the plate. Meat and seafood pairings are also possible, allowing the diner to sample the best of both worlds as they relax in truly luxurious surroundings. In addition to varied seafood choices, there are also many other items such as desserts like sticky-toffee pudding and shaved ice as well as full menu of upscale wines.