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NYC Restaurants That Give a New Meaning to Power Lunch

New York City is one of the most diverse locations in the entire world. From streets decorated with cultural elements, flags, and banners to fine dining that is anything but an American cheeseburger, this is the city that never sleeps and keeps eating at every opportunity. Their adoption of diverse cultural influences melds with contemporary aspects, like the concept of a power lunch. Prior to today’s business endeavours, a power lunch was for businessmen to get together over a juicy steak to discuss work without actually being in the office. Today, however, this term is a means that embodies the health craze and the bustling attitude of today’s youth. Utilizing power lunches to their advantage are these Manhattan restaurants that require both a reservation and a go-getter attitude to step through their upscale doors:


Offering Japanese cuisine, this ramen bar is immensely popular among millennials. Though they serve traditional noodle soup dishes that are anything like the ramen you get in the store for twenty-five cents, younger generations cannot get enough of this authentic fare.

Eleven Madison Park

Tasting menus are favored over hardy portions, and those who partake in these menus enjoy being able to sample everything at often the same price as one meal. Eleven Madison Park offers a seven-course tasting menu for lunch that gives a whole new meaning to the term, “power lunch.”


The French-inspired establishment is infamous for their towering seafood dishes and mouthwatering desserts that offer just enough sugar to make it through the second half of your work day.

High Street on Hudson

In the morning, this location offers freshly baked bread and pastries; for lunch, their healthy kale salads and unique sandwiches are incredible. Foodies recommend the duck meatball sub for an explosion of flavor that is both healthy and contemporary.