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Margaritaville Restaurant Near Times Square Wastes Away

Next year, Broadway is expected to welcome a musical that’s based on a classic Jimmy Buffett song, Escape to Margaritaville. However, what was supposed to be something of a package deal apparently won’t end up having a nearby Buffett restaurant to take advantage of the huge amount of free marketing available.


That’s because the iconic Brill Building, located at 1619 Broadway, has chosen to work with the CVS drug store chain instead. More specifically, CVS has decided to take a key space that Buffett’s group was hoping to use as it expands its brand near the Times Square area.


Originally, CVS was looking at another portion of the Brill to put in a new store, with talks having gone on for the past six months. What changed in this dynamic is that CVS will instead be moving into the second floor of the building that once housed both Jack Dempsey’s restaurant.


That wrecks the Buffett group’s plans to lease the first two floors and the rooftop for this version of a restaurant that’s now found in nearly 30 cities. While the majority of the Margaritaville’s currently operating are located in the United States, it does have something of an international presence. Restaurants under control of the Buffett group can be found in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica and Australia.


The closest Margaritaville to New York City is the once located at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. The only one within the state of New York is the one located in Syracuse.


There’s a chance that another spot in the area between 49th and 58th Street, given the number of empty spots in the area. However, the negotiations now take on a completely different tack that could be fruitful, but may also officially end.