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New Mediterranean Restaurant Opens in Hudson Yards

On Thursday, the Delicious Hospitality Group launched their latest venture, Legacy Records. Offering a seafood-based selection of dishes, the restaurant serves as a café by day and a swanky dining destination by night. Legacy Records is the company’s third venture after Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones.

Legacy Records is the brainchild of the Delicious Hospitality Group, a culinary agency formed by a quartet of restaurant veterans. The group is led by chef Ryan Hardy, who achieved great success with Charlie Bird, an Italianesque eatery that opened in the West Village in 2013. Grant Reynolds, named best new sommelier by of 2013 by Wine & Spirits, is also a partner in the venture. The partnership includes wine director Robert Bohr, who learned his craft at Daniel Boulud’s Daniel and honed it at Cru on 24 Fifth Avenue. Avrid Rosengren, winner of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale’s 2016 Best Sommelier in the World Award, is also a member of the group, as well as bartender Jeff Bell.

The restaurant is located in Henry Hall complex within the Hudson Yards development. The development was built on the former site of the West Side Yard and a recording studio for Legacy Records, an American record label that has released music from a wide range of artists. The restaurant is spread over two floors in Henry Hall and was designed by San Francisco-based interior designer Ken Fulk. The space boast three bars and a dining room.

The eatery’s menu includes plenty of options for lovers of both seafood and pasta. The menu features succulent scallop and razor clam crudo dishes, as well as more fantastic fare like charcoal-grilled pigeon and cuttlefish spaghetti.

The café portion of the restaurant launched on Thursday. While Legacy Records’ dining room is currently available only for private parties, it will be open to the general public on March 6.