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How OSI Group Flourishes in the F&B Industry

OSI Group has recently been named as the 58th leading private company in the United States in a 2016 list published by Forbes. With the upscale meat-processing procedure that they have introduced in the industry, however, there is no doubt that the business had grown exponentially after a few decades.

How OSI Group Began

The idea about the company came to light when a German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, who had been staying in the US for two years decided to open in 1909 a small family business in a town in Illinois. The demand for fresh meat within the market grew steadily until such time that, by 1917, Otto had to relocate to Maywood in order to accommodate the spreading out of his business.

Mr. Kolschowsky called this budding company as the Otto & Sons, and it was a pronounced supplier of meat products for various local food and beverage establishments back then. Their most notable client – and the one that gave them greater industrial opportunities – was McDonald’s. When the latter was still a startup, they had chosen Otto & Sons as the ultimate source of beef patties which would be served in their first restaurant.

The strong rapport between the two companies allowed them to maintain deals for a long while. In Otto’s case, this had helped them to build a meat-processing plantation that could produce patties in perfect shapes, as well as use liquid nitrogen to freeze the products, within West Chicago. Otto & Sons had been known as the OSI Group since 1975.

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The Milestones of the Company

OSI has more than 20,000 employees currently on payroll. This is an excellent expansion, especially when compared to the number of employees they have had for the first time.

Although the increase in the count of their laborers is already a sign of success, it has been further emphasized to the public when Forbes included OSI Group in America’s Largest Private Companies. They were in the 136th rank in 2011. Yet, in no less than five years, the meat supplier earned the 58th spot with approximately 6.1 billion dollars in account.

Such a huge difference became attainable because the leaders of OSI worked hard to garner long-term business transactions with a wide array of fast food chains such as Subway, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and KFC which have had franchises located in and out of the United States.

New Business Acquisitions

The company is no longer foreign to business acquisitions. OSI Group’s newest possession is Baho Food, a company in Netherlands that supplies delis, processed snacks, and many foodstuff to diverse convenience stores in 18 European countries.

The acquisition lies in accordance to OSI’s goal of reaching the global market. David G. McDonald, the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, mentioned too that this would make the food manufacturing methods that are lacking in the processing plants at present available for them. Despite the change in ownership, the company plans to retain John Balvers, Baho Food’s Managing Director, and the other managers in their positions.

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