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New York’s Most Sophisicated New Drink

Rum and Coke Might Be New York’s Most Eloquent Drink

Nothing can spice up a party, social gathering or anything of the sort like a perfectly mixed alcoholic drink.

In Lower Manhattan, there is a Cuban-themed bar called Blacktail and has a special drink mix of rum-and-Cola. The drink is “special” in its own way because it’s not simply a regular mix of rum and Coke but rather rum times the Cola. Moreso, this mixture while simple to make and easy to get, actually is a bigger take on the classic Cuba Libre drink.

Why it’s more than a take on Cuba Libre is because its made basically of only what works for it and then modified with something that lets it stand out from others. It starts off with some Bacardi rum and Coca-Cola syrup, and then touched with some champagne that lets it bubble. The drink is also spiked with a half-teaspoon of Fernet Branca and finally topped off with some homemade britters, courtesy of the bartender.

The rum and Coke mixture also happens to have some historical significance behind it, being around during the time where the nation of Cuba has seen a significant increase in its freedom. To put this in perspective, the blacktails are something that goes all the way back to the Prohibition era, at a time when New Yorkers looking for a good drink took it upon themselves to head all the way to Havana to drink freely.

BlackTail’s has a ton of other drinks available of course, for example the rye-and-ginger contains some fig and their whole cocktail menu has 40 plus drinks over 78 pages long.