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The Quest To Grow The Sweetest Carrot

There’s a place in New York where the locals go to get the freshest food. It’s a one-stop shop for local goodies that are nutritional. I’m talking about Union Square Greenmarket. These goodies that are sold come in the form of fruits, vegetables, and other homemade treats. There’s also some friendly rivalry that happens among those who sell there. That’s because they want to be the best at their craft which is growing food. There’s one local farmer who’s attempting something new and causing some friendly competition among the others.


According to GrubStreet, there is a farmer who won’t stop until he grows the sweetest carrot. Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm has been testing carrots lately. He’s been experimenting with different growing techniques and types of soil. That’s because he wants to create the best tasting carrot at that New York market. He wants people to flock from all over because they desire his carrots that badly.


It seems that he’s been doing a great job! In fact, people have rated this carrot one of the best. It’s high on the sweetness scale and it’s been selling out. It’s amazing that something as simple as a carrot is in this high of demand. It seems that someone might be infringing on his territory. There is another local farmer who is growing carrots that appear just as sweet! Hey, there is nothing wrong with some friendly competition when it comes to carrots. Plus, people always love to have their options, especially New Yorkers.