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Famous Chef David Chang Will Be On Netflix With His Own Series

David Chang is one of the most celebrated chefs in the entire country. Chang is noted for his innovative fusion cuisine that encompasses both his Korean roots and modern techniques. His empire of restaurants in New York City and elsewhere has brought him many admirers and awards from the critics. It’s also brought in legions of fans happy to sample his take on standards like stuffed Asian buns and his famous Milk Bar. Now, Netflix is hoping to bring his voice and his view of the world to the rest of the country. This is not his first foray into the world of video media. He worked with PBS for a series in 2012 as part of a series called the Mind of a Chef. Those at Netflix are hoping that viewers will take to his causal style and his ability to help take complex techniques and reduce it to a series of steps that anyone can understand.

Exploring the Food World

The new series will have Chang assume the role of globe trotting host as he interviews other chefs and samples their creations. He’s planning to focus most of his attention on the world of comfort food. Comfort foods are foods that help remind people of their best memories. His relaxed demeanor is expected to appeal to viewers who like the idea of a world class chef who understands their personal favorites and knows what is important to them when they cook. Chang likes food that doesn’t necessarily look pretty but tastes really good. Viewers who feel the same way are expected to tune in as he interviews people to talk about what they love best. His goal with the new show on Netflix is to help show off what people around the world have in common.