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New restaurants in New York City That You Must Try

All the foodies out there know how great it feels to walk into a new restaurant and have a delicious meal before it catches on and gets all crowded and noisy. There are many new restaurants in Ney York City and it helps to have a guide on which ones are worth a try.


The experts at RoundTable recommend Café AltroParadiso, a beautiful Italian restaurant with great ambience and amazing food. They have a huge selection of dishes to choose from and you will be delighted by the fast and thoughtful service. They also have a variety of Italian drinks on the menu.


Another great restaurant that you should try is Seamore’s. It has beautiful outdoor sitting space perfect for lunch with your family or friends in the summer. The restaurant specializes in sea food and has ingredients delivered every day so you can be sure you will not be eating stale food.


Imperro Café is perfect for an evening out with friends. They have a wide selection of drinks, including a good number of Italian wines. It is also easily accessible and this makes it a convenient place to have lunch for those with very busy schedules.


You should also try Llama Inn, L’Antogoniste and La Sirena and experience their great service and tantalizing meals.


Some of these restaurants are only just starting out and therefore have very small menus and not much sitting space, but when they catch on, you can expect amazing dishes and drinks and great service from them. Most of them are pet-friendly and child-friendly, with space for the kids to play while you chat away with your friends or family. The children’s menus have a variety of dishes that your kids will enjoy. They also cater for vegetarians and other people with special dietary needs. No one will feel left out.

Villa Italian Kitchen’s Alternative Facts Pizza

President Donald Trump loves fast food. He extolled the virtues of McDonalds in a Town Hall meeting with Anderson Cooper, and was photographed many times on the campaign trail devouring everything from Kentucky Fried Chicken to a super-sized taco bowl. Donald Trump’s culinary approach is in stark contrast to Michelle and Barrack Obama’s healthy diet. Michelle Obama used to tease the former president for only eating seven, lightly salted almonds as an evening snack. However, while Donald Trump loves fast food, that doesn’t mean fast food loves President Trump.


Villa Italian Kitchen began as a single pizzeria on Broadway in 1964. Today, Villa Italian Kitchen is a 300 location chain found mostly in food courts across America. Perhaps its location on Broadway, next to the Ed Sullivan Theater, contributed to its sense of political humor.


Since Trump’s inauguration, special advisor Kellyanne Conway has used the phrase “alternative facts.” The phrase is a sort of rallying cry against the media, which the Trump administration says didn’t accurately report the size of the crowd at the inauguration. Of course, alternative facts are not facts; they’re falsehoods. Or to put it another way: the alternative to facts is fictions. The Villa Italian Kitchen saw the phrase at a great marketing tool.


The Villa Italian Kitchen now offers an Alternative Facts Pizza. The thick, carb-heavy crust is loaded with bacon, pepperoni, ham, sausage and mozzarella cheese, yet the company claims it has zero calories. Yes, a post-facts world is a wonderful place if you want to eat fatty foods. The Alternative Facts Pizza has no effect on your waistline, nor will it clog arteries or raise blood pressure. Villa Italian Kitchen’s Alternative Facts Pizza is just one of many recent food items lampooning the new Trump administration.


A Whole Foods 365 Store Is Coming To Brooklyn, NYC

A few minutes ago, I had the opportunity to read a recent online article about a new Whole Foods 365 store that will be coming to the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, NYC in early 2018. The 365 stores are sort of like discount versions of the regular stores, with lots of store-brand products in stock.


According to the article that I read, it has been two and a half years since Whole Foods revealed plans for the 365 chain. The planned 365 store in Brooklyn is slated to open at the 35-story Ashland Place development in Fort Greene.


Apparently, the first 365 store opened in Los Angeles, then other stores opened in Lake Oswego, Oregon and Bellevue, Washington. At some point in the future, an Apple store is also supposed to be situated at the Ashland Place site.


Most of the new Whole Foods 365 stores are smaller in square footage than regular Whole Foods stores. Each store is expected to have fewer employees than at the standard stores, and less variety of items will be offered. The 365 store coming to Brooklyn, however, is actually going to be 43,000 square feet, which is larger than the 365 stores that are already in operation.


Grocery shopping is something that I enjoy and also take seriously. Although I live near a traditional Whole Foods store, I’ve only shopped there once. Even though I was impressed by the quality of the produce, breads, and seafood that I saw, I thought that the overall prices of the items there were too high for my pocketbook.


Hopefully, the 365 chain will be well-received by consumers. As long as they keep their prices as low as possible, people will come.


Karen DeMasco Is Back in the Pastry Game at Hearth

After taking a few years off from the restaurant scene to raise her daughters, widely-acclaimed pastry chef Karen DeMasco is back in the game at Hearth in the East Village. Hearth’s new American menu contains elevated versions of hearty favorites, so it is no wonder that DeMasco’s dessert offerings include the likes of apple cider donuts, toffee date cake, and maple panna cotta. She also whips up warm, gooey cinnamon rolls for brunch patrons.


DeMasco got her start training under Claudia Fleming at the Gramercy Tavern, made a name for herself at Craft, and most recently headed the pastry team at Locanda Verde. Her food style uses lots of seasonal ingredients and puts sophisticated spins on down-home classics. This is why when her Craft co-worker and owner of Hearth Marco Canora asked if she knew any pastry chefs for hire, DeMasco named herself. She agreed to take the job as long as she could work on her own schedule. Now DeMasco works when her kids are at school and leaves the dinner-hour dessert prep to the rest of the kitchen team.


In keeping with Hearth’s policy of only serving unprocessed, nutritious foods, DeMasco makes all of her desserts using better-for-you ingredients. With local grains, grass-fed milk and butter, no white sugar, and flours freshly milled in-house, these treats will satisfy your sweet tooth without wreaking havoc on the environment or your body. After a long career of creating pastries in more traditional ways, DeMasco says using these alternative ingredients has been “educational” in the best possible way.


Billy McFarland

At a tender age of 13 years, Billy McFarland started his very first company. The company was about the communication on an online platform between customers and designers. He is a young man who is already very successful in entrepreneurship because he has also been passionate especially on technology.

According to CNBC, Billy McFarland joined Bucknell University where in a short while he studied computer engineering. He later on dropped out to pursue entrepreneurship. He is based in New York City. He is now the founder and CEO of Spling as well as the founder and CEO of Magnises.

Spling is a company that boosts URLs by changing them from written forms to graphic images. Magnises that he has lastly found in 2014 is an organization that has a black card mobile app, it mostly includes millennials that also includes him.

The black metallic card at magnises is a unique card because it is not a credit card. The card was created to bring together the millennials in an online social medium so that they can able to interact on what is currently happening in social media and technology.

Most of the Millennials that Billy McFarland has involved in the firm are working or have running companies. The company is therefore able to help them to get to know new products of technology. The company only allows members to contact the services it offers as well as the brands.

Therefore if you want to be a member of Billy  company you have to pay a yearly fee of $250. He hosts the events of Magnises at the New York Penthouse. The members are able to interact and have a good time because of the unique card they carry around.

The card allows the members not to bother carrying their credit card because it is linked to it. Moreover the card has special discounts that allow the members to access more services and have much fun. $3 million is the amount of money that the card has made since it was launched.

The company is situated in New York City and Washington DC. McFarland thrives on delivering better network.