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The Exciting History of Pizza in NYC Being Reimagined

While New York has always had a great reputation for serving good pizza by the piece, many people may not realize how much of the city’s history is tied to this little piece of pie.

America’s First Pizzeria in NYC

The Pizza Hall of Fame says that Lombardi’s in Manhattan was the first pizzeria in America. The first pizzas was served to local workers as a lunchtime treat in 1897. In order to make these pizzas easy for workers to grab and take with them, they were wrapped up in paper and tied with string.

Coal-fired Ovens for Pizza

When people from Naples, Italy, started arriving in the city, they brought their love for wood-fired pizzas with them. They discovered, however, that wood in New York City was much more expensive, so they soon changed to baking pizzas in coal-fired ovens.

Introduction of Deck Ovens for Pizza

New York-style pizza continued to be baked in coal-fired ovens until the 1940s when the first deck ovens were introduced. While there are still several establishments in the city that use these deck ovens, a more recent trend has been to return to using wood-fired ovens.

Five New Pizzerias Coming to NYC

If you love pizza, then there are several new spots around New York City that you will want to check out. Una Pizza Napoletana is set to reopen in Manhattan serving Neapolitan-style pizzas. Joe & Pat’s Pizzeria is also set to open in Manhattan after delighting diners on Staten Island for several years. Matt and Emily Hyland are set to open two new pizzerias in the East Village. Finally, Beebe’s is poised to open in Long Island City.

New York Eateries You Have to Try

Living in New York City comes with a lot of perks. High on that list of perks is an abundance of downright delicious eateries. With a huge, multi-ethnic population that includes immigrants from all over the world, the Boroughs are home to an endless variety of food.


If you’re a foodie like I am, you love to try new restaurants. If you’re looking for something new to try, there are a number of exciting new restaurants to visit. Here are five of my favorites (in no particular order).






NYC is no stranger to Greek food; vendors selling lamb gyros on the streets are a dime a dozen. Akrotiri is different, however. Greek food with a spin, this hip new tavern specializes in Greek-style seafood. Their website isn’t up-and-running yet, but you can find Akrotiri on 30th Avenue in Astoria.





In a city famed for its pizza, PQR (short for Pizza Quadrata Romana) offers something a little different: a traditional Italian (Roman) style pizza. These artisanal pizza pies are made with unusual ingredients, such as thin-sliced potatoes or buffalo mozzarella. The restaurant is located on 2nd Avenue on the Upper East Side.





Davelle is an all-day Japanese café situated in the Lower East Side. Housed in a gorgeous brick building, they serve up an array of exciting flavors to accompany your lattes, cappuccinos and cold brews. Check out their website for a complete menu.



Sherry B Dessert Studio


If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, you need to swing by Sherry B Located in the middle of Hudson Street, you’re sure to find something to tickle your sweet tooth. Whether it’s one of their signature cookies, a delicious ice cream sandwich or a marshmallow sandwich coated in candied sugar, Sherry B is the place to go.

A Brief History of Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender is an American film producer born to a Jewish family in The Bronx, New York. He started his career in film working as a grip on the series “Tales from the Darkside” and in 1989 he produced his first film “Intruder”. Lawrence Bender rose to fame by his production of “Reservoir Dogs” in 1992 and has produced almost all of Quentin Tarantino’s Films. Some of his other more notable hits include “Pulp Fiction”, “Inglourious Basterds”, and “Good Will Hunting”. These films have won 29 Academy Award nominations, including three Best Picture nominations and of those, he won six of them. My personal favorite of the three is “Good Will Hunting”. The film takes place in South Boston and follows a 20-year-old undiscovered genius named Will Hunting. While working as a janitor at MIT Will was caught solving very complex mathematics problem posted by a professor. Later Will gets into some trouble, and as part of a deferred prosecution agreement, he is forced to study advanced mathematics with the professor and to see a therapist. What drives the story is the complex issues and the emotional relationship that will and the therapist eventually develope with each other. After carefully re-evaluating his relationships, Will is finally able to move on with his life and to start thinking about his future. Lawrence Bender did a great job producing this film, but he is known for much more than his dramatic productions. With films like “Kill Bill: Volume 1”, “Kill Bill: Volume 2” and “Kill Bill: Volume 3” along with “Pulp Fiction”, and “Knockaround Guys” Lawrence Bender is no stranger to action films. He has also produced a few documentaries the most recent one being “Countdown to Zero”. He is now working in Hollywood running his own production company called Lawrence Bender Productions. With such an active a productive career, we have probably not seen the last of Lawrence Bender.

The Best Places to Find Mole Poblano in New York

Mexican dishes in New York that have either enchilladas or chicken as the central aspect of the meal have a sauce on them that’s become known in the city as mole poblano. This convergence of countless ingredients gets roasted and then simmered, a process that multiplies the flavor considerations.


The poblano portion of the name is based on the belief that this concept originated in Puebla, a state in Mexico. The exotic blend of aforementioned ingredients includes such strange bedfellows as chocolate and onion. However, tomato and chilies are usually tossed in to give it that sense of Mexico.


In the area, Long Island City’s Casa Enrique, their attempt at mole uses things like raisins and sesame seeds. It also goes beyond simply focusing on that Mexican state of Puebla and drilling down further to a community known as Piaxtla. What the diner gets is more sweet than might otherwise be expected.


On Willis Avenue, those in La Morada have the opportunity to go even farther wehen it comes to choices. That’s because six different considerations are available, represented by colors like green and black. The green, or verde, combines herbs and jalapenos, while the black, or negro, has at its core a chile that’s darker in texture.


Two Sunset Park places that prominently feature tacos on their menu don’t shy away from offering their own take of mole poblano, esch going in different directions. Tacos El Bronco’s dish is more tart and definitely brings the heat, while Tacos Matamoros is definitely in the sweet vein with cinnamon and chocolate notable additions to this version of poblano.


Given the melting pot that is New York, it’s inevitable that a further breakdown of cultural cuisine has become a necessity for restaurants to make their mark, with mole poblano the latest addition.


Look Out, NYC! There’s A New Delivery Service Coming Your Way

Did you know there isn’t a Walmart in New York City? For those who live in other cities, it might be hard to believe. Many of us live in a state where there’s practically a Walmart every 5 miles. For New Yorkers, it’s different. They’ve always said no to Walmart anytime they’ve tried to come in and build. Walmart put up a good fight, they tried to state that they would bring jobs and cheap food but New Yorkers weren’t having it. They didn’t want the giant retailer in their neighborhoods.

Not all New Yorkers, however, were happy with the decision to have zero Walmarts in their city. Everything is so expensive and many would love to have a break in grocery store prices by shopping at Walmart. Well, it seems that a compromise has been reached. According to GrubStreet, Walmart is working to offer same day grocery store delivery in New York City.

If you live in the city, you can get all the products you would normally without ever having to set foot inside of Walmart. It seems that it will be a win-win for everyone involved. It also should appease Walmart for at least a little bit. Since there is no physical location, Walmart will partner with Jet which already sells grocery stores online. This service is actually pretty affordable. A $30 minimum needs to be met and delivery will cost a little under $10. This new idea is hoping to expand into other cities, as well. It seems that grocery store delivery services are all the rage, especially for those who are too busy to factor it into their day. It’ll be interesting to see if New Yorkers utilize this service. After all, they never wanted a physical location but whose to say they won’t want the groceries delivered to their door?

A Startup Replaces a Legend

New York City is known for a lot of different things. The statue of liberty, Time Square, and Broadway are all located in the city that never sleeps. However, New York’s amazing food scene draws thousands of tourists from near and far. The Big Apple’s food scene is about to undergo a significant change, because a well-known chef will no longer have a restaurant there.

See More Seafood

Anyone who is familiar with fine cuisine is certainly familiar with the hit television show Iron Chef. Therefore, it might come as a surprise that one of the regulars on the show is closing a restaurant in New York. Jose Garces is one of the greatest chefs in the US, but his Battery Park City restaurant will be closing later this month.

Amanda is a Spanish restaurant with a regular clientele. However, it will soon be replaced by the growing Seafood chain Seamore’s. The founder of the growing chain (Michael Chernow) has vowed to keep the same layout that’s featured in Amanda. Michael Chernow is a charismatic individual who has been feature in the pages of GQ Magazine. He seems anxious about the opening of his fifth restaurant. He has promised to add another bar to the restaurant which is locate at 250 Vesey Street.

The citizen of Tribeca will be treated to an environmentally friendly type of original cuisine. They serve “sustainable local catch” and they’re set to open in July. People who enjoy Spanish food might not be pleased, but fans of fresh seafood are already rejoicing.

David Chang Announces Restaurant Reshuffle

Celebrity chef David Chang is revamping his restaurant empire. The Ugly Delicious star has opted to close his Midtown Manhattan eatery Má Pêche in preparation for the June launch of his lavish new Momofuku Noodle Bar in the Time Warner Center.

Founded in 2010 in the basement of the Chambers Hotel, Má Pêche was originally a collaboration between Chang and Vietnamese chef Tien Ho. The restaurant became known for its Vietnam-inspired French cuisine, serving everything from squid salad seasoned with chile peppers to traditional French escargots de Bourgogne. In 2011, Ho left Má Pêche to open Montmatre in the heart of Chelsea.

After Ho’s departure, the restaurant underwent a sea change when Chef Paul Carmichael retooled the menu to focus on dim sum carts and fried chicken. Carmichael’s efforts met with success when the eatery became a top destination for diners grabbing a bite to eat before seeing a show. He kept the menu fresh by offering a special 10-course tasting menu to patrons and calling them personally beforehand to carefully craft the perfect dishes. After a successful run, Carmichael was tapped to helm Momofuku Seiobo in Sydney, Australia and was replaced by chef de cuisine Heather Machovec in 2015.

Chang announced on Friday that he has decided to shutter Má Pêche. After increased security measures at nearby Trump Tower were implemented in 2016, the restaurant has struggled to attract patrons. Most of the staff of Má Pêche will transition to Chang’s new branch of Momofuku Noodle Bar, due to open on the third floor of the Time Warner Center in June. Chang also plans to open a new noodle eatery next year on the fifth floor of The Shops at Hudson Yards. With this new establishment, Chang intends to recreate the feel of his Toronto-based venture, Daishō.

Getting a Taste of Georgia–the Eastern European Version

The country of Georgia was once part of the Soviet Union and likely often confused with the state. Perhaps even more confusion for individuals might be connected to what cuisine emerges from this obscure country. Those living in New York have the benefit of having access to multiple varieties of such dining options, yet determining where some of the best options exist may be difficult for some diners.

At Georgian Dream, a dish known as ojaxuri offers guests the chance to mix pork and potatoes amid a flavoring of onion, something that’s reportedly considered to be popular among Georgian families. Meanwhile, at Oda House, a unique take on salmon has the fish baked with a combination of sour cream, cheese and mushrooms.

Those venturing into Mtskheta might want to watch where they’re walking as they head to their table, given the darkened atmosphere. Tasting the beef khinkali is the equivalent of eating soup dumplings, while the cheeses that natives enjoy are available. In addition, beans that have been braised in herbs and mushrooms that are stewed are other options.

Tone Cafe offers kupati, which is the Georgian equivalent of sausage and has items like cilantro and pomegranate seeds located on top. Those with a yen for something that finds a way to merge cheese, eggs, bread and butter should be satisfied by tasting the adjaruli khachapuri that’s produced on a daily basis.

While Tone Cafe requires a trip to Brighton Beach, a place within New York City that can also offer some solid adjaruli khachapuri would be the Old Tbilisi Garden on Bleeker Street. Here, the sour and salty aspects are replaced by something that appeals to a diner’s sweet tooth. That same dish at Cheeseboat in Williamsburg will sometimes have food like macaroni and cheese or meatballs on top.

Hwa Yuan Szechuan in Lower Manhattan

Hwa Yuan Szechuan is a Chinese restaurant in Lower Manhattan. It was built by James Tang and Chien Lieh Tang, the grandson and son of Shorty, a man who owned a famous restaurant before them. Shorty, whose real name was Yu Fa Teng, owned a restaurant that was also called Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn. His grandson and son named their business after his business in order revive the family business in the 21st century.

A person who visits this place for the first time should try the cold sesame noodles. Do not let the word “cold” discourage you—the coldness of the noodles refers to a freshness and crispness that makes them all the more delicious.

The food at Hwa Yaun Szechuan is not overbearing. Of course, they do use peppers, but in moderation. They do not add tons of lard in the food, as well.

There are some things that their kitchen seems to always be out of, including Hwa Yuan crab cakes, foie gras with fruit and duck liver pate.

Most of their food is pretty good, though there are a few things that aren’t great. For example, the dry-aged shell steak is unpleasantly tough.

There is a tasty dish where potatoes are cooked with chilies and peanuts–kung pao style.

If you are not in the mood to consume cold noodles, Whole Fish With Hot Bean Sauce is a great dish to eat. At the original restaurant, a lot of people ordered this meal. It was produced with carp.

They sell whole, roasted ducks for $65.00. A critic for The New York Times claimed that it was not worth it. He was not satisfied with the cutting of the meat, as well as the conditions of the skin. He claimed that the meat tasted good, though.

Danny Meyer Receives 2018 Workplace Legacy Award

In October 2015, Danny Meyer who operates Union Square Hospitality Group started instituting a no-tipping policy at his 13 restaurants. Recently, he admitted that approximately 35 percent of his front-of-the-house staff left over his decision. Meanwhile, Meyer says that most of the back-of-the-house staff are making up to 20 percent more. He says that the front-end replacement staff are glad of the no-tipping policy because they think giving great service is part of their job. Danny was recently given the 2018 Workplace Legacy Award for his commitment to his employees.

In accepting the reward, Meyer had many interesting things to say about the food industry. He applauds the industry where almost anyone with a great work ethic and a desire to succeed can get a job. Meyer said he eliminated tipping because he found that the practice was extremely unfair because front-of-the-house workers often made up to 300 percent more than those behind the scenes.

Meyer says that he believes deeply in servant leadership. He compares retaining good employees to using the best ingredients to make a dish. Furthermore, he says that those employees should be equipped to go where they are told to go because they are all part of one big team.

Finally, Meyer says that the hospitality industry is poised to become one of the most important in the world for discussions that make a difference. He says that it is easier to have tough discussions about things like sexual harassment and discrimination when food is present because most people will not yell with a great plate of food in their hand.

While many will disagree with Meyer’s viewpoint, there is no doubt that he has built a successful empire based on his beliefs.

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