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New York Eateries You Have to Try

Living in New York City comes with a lot of perks. High on that list of perks is an abundance of downright delicious eateries. With a huge, multi-ethnic population that includes immigrants from all over the world, the Boroughs are home to an endless variety of food.


If you’re a foodie like I am, you love to try new restaurants. If you’re looking for something new to try, there are a number of exciting new restaurants to visit. Here are five of my favorites (in no particular order).






NYC is no stranger to Greek food; vendors selling lamb gyros on the streets are a dime a dozen. Akrotiri is different, however. Greek food with a spin, this hip new tavern specializes in Greek-style seafood. Their website isn’t up-and-running yet, but you can find Akrotiri on 30th Avenue in Astoria.





In a city famed for its pizza, PQR (short for Pizza Quadrata Romana) offers something a little different: a traditional Italian (Roman) style pizza. These artisanal pizza pies are made with unusual ingredients, such as thin-sliced potatoes or buffalo mozzarella. The restaurant is located on 2nd Avenue on the Upper East Side.





Davelle is an all-day Japanese café situated in the Lower East Side. Housed in a gorgeous brick building, they serve up an array of exciting flavors to accompany your lattes, cappuccinos and cold brews. Check out their website for a complete menu.



Sherry B Dessert Studio


If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet, you need to swing by Sherry B Located in the middle of Hudson Street, you’re sure to find something to tickle your sweet tooth. Whether it’s one of their signature cookies, a delicious ice cream sandwich or a marshmallow sandwich coated in candied sugar, Sherry B is the place to go.