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Fillipino Restaurant Suceeds Against the Odds

Nestled in the Filipino enclave of Woodside, Queens, popular local eatery Tito Rad’s Grill is celebrating its eleventh anniversary. In a city where restaurants constantly come and go, the Filipino restaurant relies on a tasty menu packed with traditional favorites and a loyal customer base that returns again and again for the grill’s hearty take on Filipino comfort food.

Tito Rad’s Grill is the brainchild of owner and head chef Mario Albenio. Albenio grew up in the southern Philippines, learning to cook from his mother who owned a small roadside eating stand. Although he originally wanted to commune with the outdoors by training in forestry, Albenio soon found that his favorite place was in the kitchen hovering over a stove. He eventually made his way to New York City by way of Manila and opened the first incarnation of his grill in 2006 with his sister Nenette. The restaurant’s home-style Filipino cooking quickly attracted a steady customer base, and Albenio soon found himself facing long lines as people crowded in for a table. Due to his success, he was able to move into a larger space adjacent to the grill’s original location on Queens Boulevard.

The menu at Tito Rad’s Grill is packed with the flavor of the islands. In addition to tasty favorites like inihaw na panga (tuna jaw), a specialty of Albenio’s native island of Mindanao, the restaurant also offers traditional dishes like manok sa gata and beef adobo. Diners can also sample crispy pork-filled lumpia, the Filipino take on Chinese-style spring rolls. The menu also features seafood-based dishes such as pampano, tuna belly and galunggong, a delicious pan-fried mackerel scad. The grill has gained acclaim for its desserts as well, with purple ube ice cream and colorful halo halo rounding out a selection of flavorful desserts.

Where to Eat What in New York, A Business Dinning Guide

The art of closing a deal is best performed within the confines of a good restaurant that has an environment that will draw out your client/potential client or business partner out of their shell and eradicate all the formal office posturing that is done in a normal formal office setting. Below is a list of places to go to for different food choices.


Breslin; located in Ace Hotel, Breslin offers good lamb patty served with red onion,feta cheese and mayo. The place has a British gastropub feel
Dirty French: if you are looking to close a deal with a Middle East client, this is the place to go. Their lamb patty has the North African flavor, serving lamb served with Loire valley goat milk made Bucheron cheese and onions.
Clover Club- located in Brooklyn, the Clover lamb comes in 6 ounces of lamb burger with red onions and goat cheese. One also has choices between potato chips or salad side dishes.
Wolfgang: Park Avenues Wolfgang serves one of New Yorks best steak under architectural marvel, with arched ceilings, its offshoot Peter Luger also offers the same steak quality only that one has to walk from Manhattan to savor their steak.

Japanese Sushi

There is a whole list of places to choose from ( including Sushi Yasuda, Tori Shin, KyoYa and Ushawakaramu.


La Vara; influenced by Spanish Muslim and also Jewish populace, La Vara offers a chance for one to enjoy all Basque cooking has to offer.
Casa Mono; Go and enjoy all Costa Brava’s culinary has in store.
Sea Food:
Take toasted trout toe at ZZ’s intimidate bar with seafood having names like Ceviche.
Wu Ja Lie; a favorite of the China’s US ambassador, this is the place to take your valued Chinese clientele and business partners.
To summarize, these are just few places within new york that one can enjoy food at,they are not strictly for business dining though, you can take a date here too if intimacy is what you are looking for.

NYC Food Cart Operators on the Verge of Being Graded

The sight of a food cart is an ever-present sight in most cities and especially in New York City. However, a more stringent approach to the operation of those carts, which will soon receive grades, is in the process of being formulated by Health Committee that’s part of New York City Council.


This process began back on February 1, when Councilmember Karen Koslowitz of Queens introduced a plan that would apply letter grades to the food carts. The Health Committee is made up of nine members, all of whom voted in favor of the new grading system.


Despite the pending regulation, those operating the food carts and the organizations that represent them appear to be solidly behind the measure. Believing that the new edict will show the overall quality of the food, the Street Vendor Project was one of the measure’s earliest supporters. In addition, no vendors have yet come to offer any sort of protest.


A simple majority vote by the City Council is next, which would then send it to Mayor Bill DeBlasio. He’s expected to sign it, though he could take as much of the 30 days allowed to study the plan more closely. However, if he were to unexpectedly reject the measure, the New York State Senate in Albany is working on a different measure that covers most of the same areas.


That Albany measure is expected to quickly pass, a contrast to the rejection that took place two years ago, when the creation of a commission to handle that job was under consideration.


The belief by Koslowitz and other supporters is that the grades will allow consumers to make a more informed assessment won whether to eat the food prepared by a particular vendor.It will also aid in avoiding public health problems.