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NoMad Neighborhood Gets a Quality Eats

Quality Eats has just opened its third spot in New York in NoMad. This location, at 3 East 28th Street, is the largest of the three at 3,500 square feet. It has room for 125 guests in the dining room and bar sections, and they could potentially serve hundreds each night due to their relatively quick turnaround.

The first Quality Eats opened in 2015 in the West Village, and another was opened up on the Upper East Side two years later. The menu focuses on meat, and steaks are offered for under $30. This is a notable price point in an otherwise expensive market. Diners can choose from bavette cut, hanger, grilled skirt, sirloin, and Don Ameche cuts.

The new restaurant in NoMad offers starters including beet tabbouleh and sausage and pepper toast; a raw bar that serves up hamachi crudo, lump crab, and shrimp cocktail; main dishes including leg of lamb with anchovy butter, grilled octopus with beluga lentils, and lemon-charred chicken served with grilled herbs; and the kale chicken salad and charred steak salad. You can add on a side to your meal, choosing from popular items like brown-bag curly fries, cacio e peppe orzo, or creamed-spinach hush puppies.

The NoMad branch is run by Executive Chef Delfin Jaranilla. He has extensive experience in the Quality Eats businesses, working his way up from garde manger and line cook to earn the top spot in the restaurant.

Quality Eats is part of the Quality Italian and Quality Meats family, all of which are under the Quality Branded parent company. The organization is run by restauranteur Michael Stillman. Stillman is a part of a family that knows its meat; his father started up the first ever TGI Friday’s and was a manager for the famous steakhouse Smith & Wollensky.

Wonder Boy McGarry Ready to Open Gem

Most 19-year-olds are either just out of high school, in college or joining the military. Within this particular demographic, Flynn McGarry stands out among his peers because he’s spending the month of February opening up Gem, a restaurant in New York City that will offer some pricey fare for hungry diners.

McGarry first entered the media sphere eight years ago, which was when he and his family lived in Los Angeles. At that time, the idea of attending dinner tastings of an 11-year-old chef would have seemed absurd. Yet enough people came to McGarry’s home and walked away impressed that he was able to lay the groundwork for this moment.

Gem will officially open for dinner on February 27, with a cafe known as The Living Room having already opened on February 12. The latter component has more of a bakery feel to it, with breads, muffins and other baked items part of the items available. The Living Room will be open in the day, followed by Gem’s nighttime service.

With Gem, diners are strongly advised to check their wallet beforehand, given the $155 price tag for anywhere from 12 to 15 different courses of food. A total of 18 people will be seated at either 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

One of the cornerstones of Gem will be its offerings of pasta, with lamb also garnering a lot of attention on the menu. Whether grilled or braised with apple cider, the lamb offered by McGarry figures to whet the appetites of the hungry diners that find their way to this establishment.

Tarrts filled with sour cream and a sandwich with cabbage taking the place of bread are some other out-of-the-ordinary aspects that Gem brings to the table. Not to be outdone are potatoes that have been braised in yogurt.

Olive-Oil Cake Something to Try at Tetsu

The Japanese restaurant Tetsu, located at 78 Leonard Street in New York City, has tried to expand the horizons of this particular cuisine since first opening their doors. One aspect of their particular style has been their intense focus in the area of grilling, which has led to some unique concoctions along the way through the use of robatas.

One of their latest creations branches out into an area that ordinarily doesn’t have a strong connection to grilling: deserts. The particular delicacy in question is olive-oil cake, something that actually has roots in the Mediterranean, not the Far East. Yet the Japanese touch helps take this dessert into a new stratosphere.

Tetsu’s pastry chef Matthew O’Haver was first given the task by the restaurant’s owner Masa Takayama of trying to break the mold of what diners might expect. Some early attempts were seemingly geared more towards appeasing Takayama, yet didn’t meet his standards. That led to the owner taking any perceived shackles off of O’Haver and letting his natural creativity flow.

The end result, like many of O’Haver’s past creations, has a heavy sampling of both alcohol and salt. The cake has a distinct scent of yuzu sake, though it’s barely detectable and doesn’t take away from the overall taste. Once the cake has been finished, slices are then toasted, with mascarpone cream also a part of this mix. The end is a delightful convergence of sweet and salty that continues to get the attention of diners.

The price of this specific component of Tetsu’s menu is $12. That menu is dotted with casual fare that Takayama wanted to offer after years of offering more formal dining options. Fine-tuning this concept is something that took close to five years, with the restaurant finally making a grand entrance in late 2017.

James Beard Foundation Nominates NYC Restaurants for Honors

The James Beard Foundation announced their nominations for 2018. Included in the list are several New York City establishments that you will want to try if you have not discovered them yet.


This Korean steakhouse is the first of its kind in New York City. This Flatiron restaurant offers premium steaks, a live cooking experience and over 600 wine labels. If you choose to dine at Cote, then make sure to try the butcher’s feast that includes four different cuts of beef, numerous Korean side dishes and soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

Bien Cuit

Zachary Golper has been nominated by the James Beard Foundation as one of the best bakers in America. Breads are carefully made in small batches by hand at his Brooklyn restaurant called Bien Cult. The bakery bakes at least three times a day ensuring that guests get a fresh-baked loaf or treat regardless of when they arrive.

Clover Club

The foundation has also nominated Brooklyn’s Clover Club as an outstanding bar program. If you choose to go, then you can expect to find nine categories of drinks served from the reclaimed mahogany bar. This sophisticated space also serves an incredible Sunday brunch.


Dante also was added for its outstanding bar program by the James Beard Foundation. After being in its Greenwich location for more than 115 years, Dante has recently opened in Little Italy. While the interior pays tribute to its roots as a neighborhood cafe, you need to try the innovative aperitivos and Champagne drinks at this new location.

Locanda Verde

Chef Andrew Carmellini of Locanda Verde receives well-deserved kudos from the James Beard Foundation. The ravioli at this restaurant is made from a recipe Carmellini was given by his grandmother, and it should definitely be enjoyed. The innovative small plates often featuring lamb are also worth the trip to this Tribeca restaurant.

These are only a few of the wonderful places nominated for awards. You will definitely want to pick your favorite and visit it soon.

New Mediterranean Restaurant Opens in Hudson Yards

On Thursday, the Delicious Hospitality Group launched their latest venture, Legacy Records. Offering a seafood-based selection of dishes, the restaurant serves as a café by day and a swanky dining destination by night. Legacy Records is the company’s third venture after Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones.

Legacy Records is the brainchild of the Delicious Hospitality Group, a culinary agency formed by a quartet of restaurant veterans. The group is led by chef Ryan Hardy, who achieved great success with Charlie Bird, an Italianesque eatery that opened in the West Village in 2013. Grant Reynolds, named best new sommelier by of 2013 by Wine & Spirits, is also a partner in the venture. The partnership includes wine director Robert Bohr, who learned his craft at Daniel Boulud’s Daniel and honed it at Cru on 24 Fifth Avenue. Avrid Rosengren, winner of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale’s 2016 Best Sommelier in the World Award, is also a member of the group, as well as bartender Jeff Bell.

The restaurant is located in Henry Hall complex within the Hudson Yards development. The development was built on the former site of the West Side Yard and a recording studio for Legacy Records, an American record label that has released music from a wide range of artists. The restaurant is spread over two floors in Henry Hall and was designed by San Francisco-based interior designer Ken Fulk. The space boast three bars and a dining room.

The eatery’s menu includes plenty of options for lovers of both seafood and pasta. The menu features succulent scallop and razor clam crudo dishes, as well as more fantastic fare like charcoal-grilled pigeon and cuttlefish spaghetti.

The café portion of the restaurant launched on Thursday. While Legacy Records’ dining room is currently available only for private parties, it will be open to the general public on March 6.

Hwa Yuan Szechuan in Lower Manhattan

Hwa Yuan Szechuan is a Chinese restaurant in Lower Manhattan. It was built by James Tang and Chien Lieh Tang, the grandson and son of Shorty, a man who owned a famous restaurant before them. Shorty, whose real name was Yu Fa Teng, owned a restaurant that was also called Hwa Yuan Szechuan Inn. His grandson and son named their business after his business in order revive the family business in the 21st century.

A person who visits this place for the first time should try the cold sesame noodles. Do not let the word “cold” discourage you—the coldness of the noodles refers to a freshness and crispness that makes them all the more delicious.

The food at Hwa Yaun Szechuan is not overbearing. Of course, they do use peppers, but in moderation. They do not add tons of lard in the food, as well.

There are some things that their kitchen seems to always be out of, including Hwa Yuan crab cakes, foie gras with fruit and duck liver pate.

Most of their food is pretty good, though there are a few things that aren’t great. For example, the dry-aged shell steak is unpleasantly tough.

There is a tasty dish where potatoes are cooked with chilies and peanuts–kung pao style.

If you are not in the mood to consume cold noodles, Whole Fish With Hot Bean Sauce is a great dish to eat. At the original restaurant, a lot of people ordered this meal. It was produced with carp.

They sell whole, roasted ducks for $65.00. A critic for The New York Times claimed that it was not worth it. He was not satisfied with the cutting of the meat, as well as the conditions of the skin. He claimed that the meat tasted good, though.

Israeli Chef Eyal Shani Brings His Talents to NYC

New Yorkers love good food, and it’s often better if it’s fast so they can keep up with their busy lifestyles. In a competitive market, a new entry is trying to make a name for itself.

Eyal Chani, a celebrity chef who already runs 12 restaurants, has just opened a new place in Chelsea Market.

His new venture, Miznon, combines casual counter service with high-quality food. The menu features a variety of pita-filled dishes. Guests can round out their meals with sweet and savory sides, which include baby cauliflower and potato items.

There are six other Miznon locations around the world, but the establishment is far from what you would consider a chain restaurant. Each place has its own unique menu. Here in Chelsea, there are plenty of options that have an American flair. Diners can choose from pita sandwiches like the Rib Eye Roast Beef, the Reuben, the Folded Cheeseburger, and the Eggs No Steak.

With typical prices between $8 and $12, Miznon hopes to become a go-to spot for people looking for an affordable lunch or dinner. The restaurant can seat 120 guests, and turn-around of tables is expected to be quick.

Shani’s move into the market continues a trend in which chefs known for their fine dining experiences have been moving into more casual arenas. It can be a smart way to build a brand and overall presence in the culinary industry.

Shani began his career in 1989, and he’s since become a familiar face on Israel TV. He serves as a host and judge on MasterChef Israel.

Legacy Records Set To Become New York City’s Newest Hot Spot Restaurant

New York has no shortage of ultra-chic dining opportunities. Later this month, the eagerly anticipated Legacy Records will join the Big Apple food scene, promising to be a new hot spot. Instagram photos of foodies inside the new hot spot, despite it not even being open yet, give a sneak peek of a seafood-heavy menu.

The Charlie Bird team’s newest eatery is in Hudson Yards, located at 517 West 38th Street between 10th and 11th avenues. The restaurant features an 85-seat, two-story dining room connected by a posh staircase, as well as a café area that will primarily be utilized in the morning for breakfast items and pastries. Lunch and dinner patrons in the main dining room can expect Mediterranean dishes; photos that have been shared so far feature scallops and clams – a menu heavy with fish is what’s expected at Legacy Records.

Randy Hardy will serve as head chef, while head bartender Jeff Bell will oversee a wine and cocktail show that promises an eclectic and intriguing drink menu. Charlie Bird’s renowned wine director Arvid Rosengren, who was elected world’s best sommelier in 2016, has amassed a 350-bottle wine list with a heavy emphasis on Old World wine.

The restaurant was designed by San Francisco-based Ken Fulk, who is widely known for creating iconic spaces with an interesting aesthetic, so expect intriguing art, ambience lighting, leather, velvet and brass. (Fulk has previously stated that his design was inspired by vintage, high-end luggage.) And, in a nod to the recording studio which was once located in the building Legacy Records will occupy, hip hop music will blare from the speakers.

New York’s Youngest Chef Opens Restaurant

On Monday, teenage chef Flynn McGarry rolled out the first stage of his new restaurant Gem. McGarry has spent the past five years wowing New York City palates with a series of pop-up offerings. At the tender age of 19, he has finally launched his first permanent restaurant in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

McGarry found a love for cooking at an early age. As a toddler, his favorite activities were playing in his toy kitchen and dressing up as his favorite chefs for Halloween. The son of a professional photographer and a television executive, he grew up in Los Angeles. His parents encouraged his love of fine cuisine by building him an upscale kitchen in their home. At the age of 11, McGarry launched a supper club called Eureka, where he regaled family friends with sophisticated culinary creations. At age 16, McGarry took his popup concept to New York, offering tasting menus in different venues. He even spent some time working at Grant Achatz’s Aliena in Chicago and briefly apprenticed with Daniel Humm.

McGarry has become something of a cooking celebrity. His career has been closely followed by the New York Times, and he has appeared on talk shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Larry King Now. NBC even tried to make a comedy series based on his career, but the show was never picked up. His Instagram account has over 75,000 followers, and a documentary about his life recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

With his new restaurant, McGarry hopes to bring his unique twist to cuisine to a wider audience in New York. The restaurant is divided into two parts: The Living Room and The Dining Room. The Living Room serves cafe-style food like pastries and the Dining Room will feature a sit-down menu when it officially opens on February 27.

Teen Chef Flynn McGarry Makes a Name for Himself

While most teens are just content to hang out with friends, Flynn McGarry is busy cooking, running restaurants, and setting himself up for success. Eating at his pop-up restaurants and special events has cost guests over $100 a person, which is even more impressive given the amount of talent that NYC has to offer.

McGarry has continued to focus on his business ventures, working on opening Gem, his first permanent restaurant. Gem has a unique concept, being split into two sides. The Living Room is the more casual part of the restaurant and has just started to serve up coffee and pastries. It’s now open daily from 8am to 5pm.

At the end of February, the other side of the restaurant – The Dining Room – will open up. It will provide guests with a fine-dining experience, serving up a set menu for $155.

McGarry thought back to his time hosting dinner parties when coming up with the menu and design of The Dining Room. He wants people to get settled in and enjoy drinks before nibbling on small dishes. Then, a pasta course and meat course will be served, with people being welcome to stay as long as they like. The chef takes advantage of his skills with house-made pasta and all part of an animal, and diners can expect seasonal changes as the restaurant continually strives to use fresh ingredients.

The young chef has staged at world-class restaurants, including Eleven Madison Park, Alinea, and Next. He started cooking for others when he was 12, and he moved to New York when he was 16.

Gem is located at 116 Forsyth Street in the Lower East Side.

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