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Artistic Small Plates and Creative Cocktails Are Regularly Served At NYC’s Aviary Bar and Restaurant

A recent Grubstreet article tells of the new Aviary bar-restaurant that is situated on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Manhattan. Specializing in small food plates and creative cocktails, the 90-seat Aviary features a stylish, futuristic environment and an all-day menu that is served seven days per week.

Located on Columbus Circle at 60th Street, the Aviary is the sister-restaurant of the highly acclaimed Aviary in Chicago, Illinois. Although the menu prices are steep, the less-is-more approach is very much in place with the food offerings at the Aviary.

Diners will find very small servings of items such as pork-belly curry, octopus takoyaki, and a tablespoon-sized dumpling filled with a black truffle mixture.

One food item at the Aviary that is actually quite huge is their “Giant Crispy Pork Skin.” This gargantuan flap of pork skin is flavored with salt and vinegar and is very popular with customers. A creamy and spicy corn pudding that accompanies the pork skin wonderfully accentuates the dish.

The delicious pork belly curry at the Aviary is topped with tiny and colorful, edible flowers, and an eight-course meal option is available for $215.

Some of the special features from the bar at the Aviary include poblano pepper and blood orange flavored ice cubes, and a deconstructed Bloody Mary. The unusual Bloody Mary is served with the various ingredients assembled on a glass tray and carries a whopping price tag of $38.

Whether you’re a native New Yorker, or a visitor to the Big Apple, the Aviary sounds like an interesting place to visit. Just be prepared to spend some serious money.