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Union Fare Now Making Ice Cream Sandwich Croissants

The croissant on its own is something that many diners enjoy as part of a meal, yet bakers continue to look for new ways to integrate their innovative concepts with this pastry. Adding different food items brings with it different tastes, with debate over the quality up to the individual diner.

At Union Fare, near Union Square in New York City, bakers have added some of the eatery’s already exotic flavors and combined them with this pastry to form croissant ice cream sandwiches. These are available for $8.50 apiece and diners have the opportunity to combine different flavors with each croissant.

Having the opportunity to eat a birthday cake croissant can be enhanced further by trying one that comes in a la mode fashion. There’s a plain pastry with caramel macchiato added on, red velvet with vanilla ice cream, matcha, crème brûlée with blackberry-hibiscus sorbet and cookies and cream. The sorbet is also available in strawberry and coconut. Refusing to stop there, Union Fare is looking at different concepts featuring cinnamon-sugar and s’mores.

Union Square’s footprint on New York City is such that it takes up a full city block. That massive size allows it to offer not only Union Fare but a restaurant, cafe and wine bar, raw bar and an eatery that offers pizza and other Italian dishes. Union Fare is open seven days a week, opening each day at 8 a.m. During the week, it closes up at 9 p.m., while weekends close up three hours earlier.