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Are the Efforts of George Soros and His Open Society Foundations good for the Country?

George Soros has been a constant name in the news when human rights and social justice cases are being mentioned. He has been involved with the Open Society Foundations for the past few decades. The fact that he grew up in Hungary during a time when the Nazis occupied it is evidence that he has been through experiences that molded him into the social justice crusader that he is currently. George Soros has donated more than $6 billion of his wealth to the open society foundations in his lifetime, and he hopes to give even more to the causes that he believes in.

Soros has always been a firm believer that the government of the day, and the policies they believe in, are the most prominent sources of influence on the amount of freedom and progress that a community will achieve. He has always been a supporter of the Liberals and their progressive ideals. In 2004, Soros rallied behind John Kerry because he was dismayed by the Bush administration decision to invade Afghanistan. When Kerry lost, he dialed back a little on politics but supported the grass root PACs whose main aim was to keep tabs on the government of the day and make sure that they stayed in check.

In 2007, Hillary announced that she was interested in the presidency. Soros supported her and even when she lost the ticket to Obama, he supported Obama and the Democrat’s policies. In 2015, Hillary came back, and her bid for the White House was impressive. She won the popular vote, and even though the collegiate ballots thwarted her dream of occupying the White House, she created a legacy that many will look up to for a long time. Soros supported Hillary because as usual, he is a firm believer in her policies and believes. He contributed $25 million to her campaign and was even set to attend the Democrats convention. He changed the plans last minute because he had personal businesses to attend.

The current state of affairs in the country worries Soros. He feels that the biggest problem with the country is the fact that with the change of administration, the society has been thrown into a situation where the leaders are trying to undo all the good that was done for the progress of the community. He believes that it is not the right time to sit and watch as everything falls apart. According to Soros, it is time for human rights movements to rise and stand firm in support of all the things that they believe in. He believes that if society wants to change for the better, efforts must be made to create open Society , tolerant and just systems where everyone is treated as equals.


Greg Secker’s Learn to Trade Helps More People Attain Financial Freedom

Many people know Greg Secker as an entrepreneur who made it big and retired in his late twenties. He is a master Forex Trader whose prowess has been recognized and appreciated by many. He is also passionate about sharing his success story and tips with those who would like to gain financial freedom.

Greg’s career started off when he was a trading technologist for a company called Thomas Cook Financial Services. His job entailed coming up with and developing trading systems with a bid to expose any profits made in the Forex market. It was while he was at Thomas Cook Financial Services that he developed a trading system called the Virtual Trading Desk. The trading system won many awards after its conception.

After his stint at Thomas Cook Financial Services, Greg’s career soared. Within two years, he was joined Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. He was only 25 at the time. After working there some time, he decided to set up his own trading centre in his house. At first, he shared his trading ideas with his family and friends and then more and more people started approaching him.

Learn to Trade

Learn to Trade was an initiative which Greg Secker thought would benefit more people who wanted to learn about Forex trading on their own. Most people think that they must sit in front of their laptops or computers the whole day. This is not the case.

With Learn to Trade, you can teach yourself the art of trading in currencies. The official website provides every learner with tools which they can use to sharpen their trading skills. The website also makes available some tips and techniques for risk management. If you need advice when you are stuck, the experts are there to help you.

Attaining financial freedom is as easy as finding something that can propel you in the right direction. Forex trading worked for Greg Secker and it can work for you too. All you have to do is follow the strategies and attend the workshops on the Learn to Trade website and you are good to go!