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New Pho Eatery Opens in Brooklyn

The culinary trio made up of Kim Hoang, Tuan Biu and Dennis Ngo finally opened their new pho restaurant this week on Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. Di An Di had one of the most hotly anticipated new openings in New York City this spring.

The team behind Di An Di is already well known for An Choi in the Lower East Side, opened in 2009. Dennis Ngo helmed the kitchen and Tuan Bui owns the eatery with his brother Huy. The restaurant became popular for offering Manhattan diners a mid-level indoor space to enjoy banh mi and pho. Together with Tuan and his wife Kim Hiang, Ngo announced in November 2017 that they were opening a new pho restaurant in Brooklyn.

After much anticipation in the foodie community, Di An Di launched this week in the space formerly occupied by the Hail Mary diner. With its airy, well-lit green and white interior, the restaurant presents a soothing atmosphere for diners to enjoy their pho in peace. The fresh taste of the steaming pho is complemented by the space’s abundant greenery and natural wooden furniture.

The menu features five different kinds of pho, including Southern Vietnam-style pho bò, a type of beef pho. Chef Dennis Ngo also cooks up a vegetarian version of his spicy lemongrass noodle soup and a vegan variety of his turmeric món cuốn, a type of Vietnamese roll. The menu also includes other traditional dishes like fried pig tails, as well as a selection of cocktails, beer and wine.

While the venue is hosting private events for patrons, it not yet open to the public. According to the owners, Di An Di is experimenting with a soft open this week and will be fully open to the public next week, although its hours have not yet been finalized.