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How Organo Gold Grew So Quickly into The Multi-Million Dollar Business It Is Today

The National Coffee Association tells us that coffee production world-wide from 2009 through 2010 came to 125.2 million bags. Those impressive figures put coffee as the second most popular consumer drink anywhere on the planet. Water still holds the number one spot as most favorite.

With so many cafes whose main menu item is coffee, as well as large sections in most grocery stores dedicated to coffee products, it’s not surprising that even in the worst of financial times, coffee drinkers will find a way to get their daily quota. The Canadian Organo Gold Company is aware of these facts and offers multilevel marketing opportunities to sellers that promote their line of coffee products. Read more at about Organo Gold.

How the Company Was Formed and The People That Make It Flourish

Bernardo Chua has many years in network marketing, and he used his knowledge to found Organo Gold in 2008. He and co-founder Shane Morand make their company work with a direct selling platform, and utilizing data received from their Scientific Advisory Board with Dr. Irma Prado as the boards chief medical consultant. Dr. Li Xiaoyu founded the Fujian, a China based Xianzhilou Biology Research Center, and partner company to Organo Gold. His job is to monitor the Fujian and certify that the ingredients in this popular drink are truly organic. Follow Organo Gold on

The Framework of a Successful Business

Organo Gold sells their line of coffee products to individual distributors at wholesale prices. Buyers are responsible for selling the product to consumers, and it’s not uncommon for them to earn a 50% commission on successful sells. Organo Gold company associates (distributors and sales teams) share profits with the company via the “domino effect.” This system makes a lot sense, and everyone is treated fairly.

Here’s Why Organo Gold Is the Healthier, Tastier Choice

Organo comes from gourmet coffee beans that have been combined with Ganoderma Lucidum, an Asian herb. This herb (also known as Reishi) is thought to be highly beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels as well as having antiviral qualities. This combination of high quality coffee beans and a simple Asian herb obviously makes Organo Gold the healthier choice, but the flavor is such that many would drink it for the taste alone. For those that don’t enjoy coffee Organo offers Ganoderma blended green tea, hot chocolate, supplements, and infused latte blends. Organo products not only offer a healthy drink, these beverages are all quite tasty hence their popularity.

Impressive Statistics

Business for Home is a multilevel marketing news website who reports that Organo Gold’s estimated global revenues in 2010 were $35 million, and that number has consistently risen since then. Organo Gold products and their sales system are available in Austria, Canada, Germany, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, and the United States. Organo coffee and related products are an easy sell because above all else, you can taste and smell the quality.