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The Triumphs of Tammy Mazzocco In Real Estate Industry

Despite the many hardships and challenges, Tammy Mazzocco has managed to rise and triumph as a real estate agent. Yes, it took time for her to become an agent, but she managed to get her real estate license.

Tammy began her career as a secretary at the Edwards Realty Company. This is a position that proved vital in her career. Tammy managed to work with nine commercial agents with a vast knowledge and skills in real estate. Her mentor was Mike Zelnik.

For seven years, Tammy managed condominiums in Scotland. It was during that time that she received her real estate license. In her career, Tammy met great people who became the voice of reason in her life. One of those people is Ken Cook who managed to encourage her to pursue her true passion: real estate career. Cook also played a significant role in Tammy’s career by teaching her on how to close a deal.

After she had received her license as a real estate agent, Tammy left Scotland to assume her new position at the T&R Properties as the Multi-site property manager. She managed to work with two apartment complexes and an office complex.

In addition to her real estate license, Tammy also pursued her personal assistant license. She received her license in 1998 and assumed the position as personal assistant for Joe Armeni of RE/MAX. Joe Armeni was a highly successful agent who has handled different high-end properties. Working with Joe proved to be a worthwhile experience and also an inspiration for Tammy. Tammy decided to pursue real estate as a full-time career.

After the life-changing decision, Tammy joined the Judy Gang and Associates in 2000. Just like Ken Cook, Judy Gang has also been an inspiration and has taught Tammy critical skills in real estate. Tammy has been involved in the sale of residential properties in different counties in Ohio.

Even though when she started she was not familiar with the market; Tammy managed to learn and gained skills that have proven to be important to her career. She has attributed her success to her meticulous attention to detail. Tammy ability to set tangible goals is what has given her motivation to pursue her dream.

Tammy works hard to achieve her clients’ needs and wants. She goes above and beyond to find the perfect deal for her clients.

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