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Jason Halpern Announces Future Projects

Of all the development companies in the New York area, none are better than JMH Development. Lead by its founder, Jason Halpern, JMH is one of the most distinctive property developers in the country. JMH has experience as both developer and owner of major residential and commercial real estate. JMH has a notable, innovative approach to creating some of the most spectacular properties in the luxury category. In addition to JMH’s unique style, it’s been called a pioneer in developing well-positioned properties in desirable markets.


JMH offers clients full-service development, meaning it works with other institutions to complete a project from start to finish. JMH handles every aspect of development – from due diligence and strategy to branding and marketing. The professional team at JMH is experienced in working with several different types of property segments. They know every aspect of the construction process for residential, hospitality, and mixed-use properties. The team is made up of experts who are knowledgeable in their respected profession. Some members of the team are experts in marketplace knowledge; others retain a set of development skills; the rest have invaluable on-site experience.


Jason takes great pride in what his company is capable of producing. He ensures that every project is completed with the highest quality imaginable. It’s his desire to not only accomplish what the client wants but to exceed their greatest expectations. JMH develops some of the most enduring properties in the country. One of the tricks it uses to create such memorable properties is restoring and reusing historical properties. One of JMH’s latest developments was a historical property in South Beach.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH’s most recently completed project, Aloft South Beach, is in the heart of Miami Beach. The 235-room luxury hotel opened in 2015. JMH, along with Madden Real Estate Ventures, reused the Motel Ankara. The restoration also included adding an eight-story tower on top of the existing building. ADD was the hired architect on the project, and Plaza Construction handled the construction. When Aloft South Beach opened, it was the first newly constructed hotel to open in South Beach in nearly six years. The reconstructed hotel now boasts larger rooms averaging more than 360 square feet.


Aloft is a waterfront property, located near Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal. The hotel is also located one block from Miami Beach, minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, Art galleries, an art museum, and Miami’s nightlife. The luxury property also boasts an outdoor pool and amazing views. Even though it’s not the biggest hotel in the area, it’s arguably one of the finest. Aloft South Beach was designed with luxury-thrill seekers in mind.


Jason Halpern Continues to Create a Better Difference

Jason Halpern is an accomplished entrepreneur. He majors in real estate and has much experience in it just like his family. He was brought up in this industry so he was able to quickly adapt to the business. He is currently the managing partner and founder of JMH Development. He has been working with a company which has made a record of more than 50 years in developing many real estate buildings and also managing them. New York City and Westchester County are some of the states where his family has developed and managed properties for residential purposes. His long-term experience in the real estate industry has helped raise JMH development to greater heights.


The company has been able to build important buildings including historical construction that most people come to visit. This is what has made Jason Halpern become an outstanding developer and entrepreneur from the rest, he mainly focuses on constructions of history. he and his company have created a good relationship with the cities due to their work. JMH is a top company in real estate development that provides its services on full time.


The company has always had a creative mind in developing exclusive extravagant buildings hat stand out from the rest. Williamsburg and Brooklyn are one of the growing markets that the firm has positioned itself in making development changes. Currently the company is working on constructing town residential of Cobble Hill. The organization’s goal is to develop quality, luxurious and accomplished buildings in different states.


JMH development recently publicized a 235-room hotel called Aloft South Beach. This was developed in association with Madden Real Estate consists of an eight-story tower. Jason Halpern is also a philanthropist who dedicates some of his time in helping people and charitable of his philanthropic work involves the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center in his hometown. The Westchester Medical Center has the tools in helping out with open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and emergency neurosurgery.


Furthermore the hospital center makes sure that victims of burns and other critical injuries are well taken care of, including children and expectant women. Other charitable works that he has participated in is associating with the worldwide water non-credit charity by offering $20,000 according to each contract made. This project helps in financing water projects in Nepal and Ethiopia. In a nutshell, Jason Halpern is committed to using his experience to develop his company and also help people.