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Brooklyn Restaurant Returns Controversial Photo to Wall

Schnitzel Haus, a German restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, has started an uproar among its customers since last week. The restaurant has displayed a signed head shot and letter from Donald Trump on its wall for over a decade, but customers finally took notice last week after a negative Yelp review. The review compared displaying the photo to “having a picture of Hitler” and after much backlash, owners Amber and Fred Urban removed the head shot.

Despite the fact that they took the photo down, critics still were not satisfied. The Urbans received angry phone calls from all over the nation. After a number of lengthy phone arguments that did nothing for either party, Schnitzel Haus’s owners decided they could not win no matter what they did. In a plot twist straight out of a soap opera, the Urbans decided they would not be bullied by their customers and returned the photo of Trump to its long time spot on the wall. “At the end of the day, it’s our restaurant, and it’s our right and privilege to have it up,” said Amber Urban. “It’s not up to others what we can and can’t do.”

As was to be expected, the photo was defaced the very day it was returned to the wall, with lipstick devil horns smeared onto the glass frame. In an interview with the Brooklyn Paper, Amber Urban was clearly frustrated and annoyed, complaining “It’s a picture on the wall, for God’s sake. Don’t people have better things to do?” In our digital age when news can spread across the country in a matter of minutes, her critics would probably respond “No.”