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Look Out NYC, Here Comes the Mufgel

Curious what the next food craze in New York is going to be? Look no further than the Mufgel. Part bagel, part muffin, it’s the stuff that dreams are made of. That is if your dreams happen to include carb-filled baked goods. The pastery is the creation of Scot Rossillo, who runs the Bagel Store in Brooklyn.

Rossillo got the idea for the magical creation from a radio ad that was actually making fun of the weird frankenfood craze. In the ad, the announcer made a reference to the mufgel, and Rossillo was inspired to make it a reality.

So what is it? The treat is essential a muffin, but it taste’s like a bagel. Think of what might happen if you baked a bagel in a muffin tin. It’s that. Much like traditional bagels, buyers can add a filling to the mix to take things up a notch., Options at the bagel shop include cream cheese and cannoli filling as well as a few low-fat options.

The mufgel isn’t actually on the regular menu and is more something that Rossilo whips up on the fly, with a different flavor being available each day he makes them. So far, there have reportedly been Fruity Pebbles versions available as well as a carrot cake option and even a chocolate chip crumb.

Unique pasty items have become pretty commonplace in New York City. In a city with some many different people and so many different tastes, it makes sense that people would always be on the search for something new and interesting. When a new trend takes off, people will often travel to different boroughs in the city in order to get their hands on it.

Most recently, the cronut made waves in the city. The combination of a croissant and a doughnut, the sweet treat was exceptionally popular with New Yorkers and led many bakeries in other cities to try their hand at making one of the sweet treats of their own.