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Seattle Genetics : Changing the Way the World Fights Cancer

Seattle Genetics
Seattle Genetics was created by Clay Siegall to change the way that scientists approached cancer research. Through Seattle Genetics, there have been new, and innovative, technologies created to try to combat the effects of cancer. The treatments that the company uses are anti-body based. There are products being developed by the company to reach any unmet needs that patients may have.

The company is based on a set of core values. These values are integrity, scientific excellence, teamwork combined with respect, innovation, and a great work environment. The company was intended to have a strong culture that would yield positive results from the employees and the patients. Seattle Genetics is said to have the feel of an entrepreneurial company because of the innovation that happens on a day to day basis. The innovation and the creation that has come from the company has given it the reputation of being one of the top companies to work with antibody treatments.

Clay Siegall
Clay Siegall is the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics. Siegall created the company in 1998. He studied science while in school, and then focused his studies onto different types of cancer therapies. His passion for helping patients with cancer has pushed him to create one of the leading cancer research companies in the world. With Siegall at the forefront of the Seattle Genetics movement, the company is now under multiple strategic licenses. The company has recently collaborated with the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. This collaboration has made the Seattle Genetics products available in over 60 countries.

Clay Siegall also serves on the board of directors for many other companies. He has also received many awards. One of his most recent awards was the University of Maryland Alumnus award in 2013. He holds over 15 patents and has also published more than 50 works.