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Silver Spurs Diner Closing on March 29

The closing of any eating establishment is a sad time, especially for those who pay their bills with the money earned by working at them. Such is the case for the employees of the Silver Spurs diner, which recently announced that they’d be closing their doors at the end of business on March 29, citing a precipitous drop in business.

It wasn’t always that way for Silver Spurs, which opened the first of its two stores way back in 1979. The original, housed on Broadway and East Ninth, closed up shop on December 22, 2013, due to the expiration of its lease that came about after the building’s landlord increased the rent. Instead of another New York original in its place, yet another Starbucks took over.

This closing is for the diner that opened on Houston and Laguardia in 1996 and went on to thrive for 20 years. However, two years ago, clear signs of a business dropoff became evident, enough so that the 24-hour weekend availability came to an end. Not sensing any uptick was in the offing, ownership decided to throw in the towel.

The manager of Silver Spurs, Kiki Bourekas, became so ubiquitous within the diner that the locals who found a comfort zone there unofficially changed the name to Kiki’s. Others who found the place to be a welcoming haven were students from the local colleges and universities. Bourekas’ uncle, an aficionado of Westerns, came up with the theme nearly 40 years ago, with the concept managing to thrive in an urban environment.

While no official information is available on exactly what type of place will inhabit Silver Spurs former home, rumors are swirling that plans for a high-brow ice cream store are in the works. In other words, something foreign to Silver Spurs’ marketing focus.