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Sheryl Underwood Confirms The Cleanse Can Work Wonders For You


In an interview on the Steve Harvey Show, comedian Sheryl Underwood discussed her detox that she has been following from The Dherbs cleanse is a detox program that is most effective when you eat raw fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that you follow the cleanse for about twenty days. She stated that she is feeling great being on the program and has been telling her friends all about it. She said that it is great for anybody that wants to safely cleanse their body and help to lose weight. has a variety of products to help you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. They have a wide variety of cleanses too. There is the whole body cleanse that Sheryl Underwood was using, and there is a blood cleanse as well. You can find all of their products on one easy to navigate website at They also have plenty of informative articles and recipes that you can browse through to get useful information to help you on your journey.


Dherbs products are all cruelty-free and vegan. The all natural health solutions offer individuals a way to supplement their already healthy lifestyle. The company believes that eating healthy and exercising is the key for these products to work the very best. They also believe that you know what is best for your own body. They encourage people to listen to their bodies and give it what they know it really needs. If you have been searching for high-quality products to enhance the way you feel then Dherbs is the place to look. They have plenty of supplements to get you on the right track.