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New Spicy Ramen Shop Opens on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

It is hard to create something that really stands out in the crowded NYC food scene, but Takayuki Watanabe and chef Takatoshi Nagara are hoping to do just that with their latest Lower East Side creation.

The new restaurant, called Karakatta, is set to focus exclusively on spicy ramen dishes and offers diners the choice of four main options, as well as a handful of appetizers, that the owners hope will set them apart from other ramen eateries in the city.

The first option, that the owners call “spicy ginger stamina,” is a ginger packed bowl that is touted both for its health value as well as its taste. There is also a spicy vegetarian curry, a butter-miso, and a shoyu made with Chef Takatoshi’s secret recipe. Each of these dishes can also be customized a bit, with diners selecting how spicy they want their meal from a scale of one to three.

Rice bowls are also available, with the chef showing off his teriyaki pork belly and chicken dishes during a recent photo op, and appetizers like Karaage with a curry and ponzu-sesame sauce are also highly recommended. Guests also raved about the gyoza and pork belly bun starters, highlighting the fact that the location serves more than just bowls of noodles for those looking to expand their palate.

The restaurant is located in a cozy little spot on Thompson Street just south of Washington Square Park, and is divided into a bar area and a dining room. Although small, the dining area is definitely not uncomfortable, and diners can enjoy a unique experience as long as they don’t mind a little heat from their food!