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New Street Vendors Will Be Taking Over New York City

Anyone who’s ever been a tourist in New York knows that one thing they have to try is food from a street vendor! It doesn’t matter what you’re consuming whether it’s tacos or sandwiches, it’s some of the best food out there. Street vendors, for the most part, are great people! They’re those who have a passion for food and just want to make good food and sell it to a variety of people.


What many tourists don’t know is what it takes to be a street vendor in New York. A person can’t just set up a truck or a cart on a city street and expect to make a living. There are all sorts of rules and regulations put into place. It’s also a very competitive market thanks to legislation set in place by New York. For over 30 years, only 3,000 food vendors were allowed to have a permit. It’s absolutely necessary to have a permit while operating a food truck. Those doing so without can face hefty fines and even jail time. It simply isn’t worth it to try and operate without one.


Due to the few permits available, New York City has developed a dark side of food vending. People would sell their permits to others for a huge fee. Sometimes people would dish out $25,000 just to be able to sell food on the streets! Hopefully, that’s all about to change. According to GrubStreet, the city council is working to double the amount of permits available. This is great news for vendors! More and more people will be able to pursue their dreams of being street vendors in New York.


The way this works is that over the next seven years, 600 new permits will be given out each year. These people will be picked from a wait list that currently has 2,500 people on it. Although this won’t make everyone happy, it’s definitely a start. This is also good news for New Yorkers and tourists. They will have more of a selection when it comes to finding something to eat!