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Brooklyn’s Tacocina Set for Summer Opening

The Williamsburg area of Brooklyn is continuing to see new development pop up, including a new public area that will be known as Domino Park. Within that park this summer will be a new taco stand by noted restauranteur Danny Meyer, though the method of his announcement had an air of mystery attached. That’s because a five-word tweet on April 2 was the only information offered.


In that social media post, the name Tacocina was noted, yet what form this new spot will take and other particulars is unknown. The fact that Meyer has successfully ventured into the pizza realm with Martina and, of course, by being the founder of the wildly-popular Shake Shack, is a strong indication that he has the chops to put another feather in his cap with this concept.


Some food-watchers are trying to determine which path Meyer will take. It could be in the mold of Chipotle, which surged in the fast-casual market because of its focused marketing that emphasized a healthier and fresher alternative to Taco Bell. However, the past few years have taken a toll due to quality control issues.


The other fork in the road could be to simply take on Taco Bell itself. That franchise, while still going strong, has often had a notorious reputation among casual diners when it comes to the quality of its food and its after-effects.


Tacocina will be part of a Brooklyn area that will be welcoming all demographics, with the waterfront location and walking area serving as key drawing cards. This area encompasses a full quarter-mile of territory, which can make for a solid customer base from which to draw. Throwing in the name of Danny Meyer makes the inevitability of success even more likely when the first taco ends up being sold this summer.