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The Leadership Skills of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Televisa is one of the leading Spanish-speaking media companies. The company distributes its content in Mexico and the United States and in other fifty countries. It has more than twenty television networks and pay-tv brands, cable operators. Televisa is not an ordinary media group. It has a good reputation that keeps it going in the market. It has four television channels that operate outside Mexico. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is up to task with the challenge of maintaining the company standards

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is the CEO of Televisa. Under his leadership, Televisa has had a successful journey. Porfirio has a good track record both academically and professionally. He has received an award from Stanford’s executive program as an executive education. He also has a BS in Applied Mathematics from ITAM. He is also involved in the institute for software research at Carnegie Mellon University. His academic achievements geared him off for a successful career. Portfolio has been successful in all his areas of work that include media and entertainment, broadcasting, and advertising. He manages over ten thousand employees globally.

There are new entrants in the media market and therefore there is intense competition for the existing market share. Galindo has therefore come up with a strategy to ensure they are not thrown out of business. Galindo’s main focus is making sure that his team exploits its full potential and continues to come up with innovative solutions to the various challenges in the media market. This is a sure way of ensuring that the company remains relevant and a leader in the digital age that keeps changing with technological advancements

He intends to win advertisers, audiences, advertisers and an extensive market for products ranging from online offerings to magazines. The most interesting thing about Galindo’s strategy is that his strategy seeks to combine the new media world with elements of old school media in a seamless manner. Porifio believes that a person’s ambition can only be limited by his intelligence and the collective group’s imagination. In conclusion, all upcoming entrepreneurs in the media industry should look up to Porfirio as a role model.