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Texas Tacos Come to NYC

After ten years in advertising, entrepreneur Liz Solomon couldn’t take it anymore. She had moved to New York from Texas and couldn’t find her favorite home-state breakfast staple: breakfast tacos. Since no one was giving them to her, Solomon decided to make them for herself, and everyone else too, with her new catering business King David Tacos, an idea that was sparked when her father came to visit New York and commented on the lack of breakfast tacos in the city.

The online-based company takes orders for a minimum 100 tacos at $4. Considering she ships her flour tortillas in from Austin for authentic Texas taste, that sounds like a steal. The tacos are available in vegetarian or meat and contain bacon or refried beans, potatoes, scrambled eggs, a blend of Cheddar and Monterey-Jack cheeses, and red salsa. Solomon hopes that her idea will bring heartier breakfasts to offices at an affordable price and fill the catered breakfast gap between bagels and grand buffets.

Solomon points out that she may never open a physical store for her business. She feels that having one simple product may not be enough to stay afloat, especially because it isn’t crazy enough to attract Instagrammers, like the rainbow bagels and huge milkshakes of the world. She does think that her tacos could turn into everyday favorites for customers because they “will not weigh you down,” which is why she continues to cater to coffee shops and hotels.