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One of New York’s Most Celebrated Restaurants Closes

The Cecil restaurant in New York City will close at the end of December. This is news to most residents because Head Chef Johnson recently overhauled the menu. The reason for the closing is that Chef Johnson wishes to focus his efforts on this new restaurant known as Minton’s. It is a bar with live music and snacks. It has the capacity to seat 200 plus people. The style of the food is “Afro-Asian-American” fusion food. Due to the restaurant’s unique style, it was the subject of constant praise within the New York City foodie community.


The old model for the restauranteur’s business was to have guests dine at The Cecil, then hang out at Minton’s afterward. The new Minton’s will be unveiled to the public on January 6th. It will be a hybrid of the two old facilities. Many of the most beloved dishes from The Cecil will transition over. Fan favorites include Chinese-chicken sausage, gulf shrimp, collard-greens salad and oxtail dumplings.


Chef Johnson is the public face of the restaurant, but he has no stake in the ownership of it. He does not have final say on any of the business decisions involved. He states that financial concerns were not part of the motivation for the recent changes. He is looking forward to the changes. They allow him to cook in a smaller kitchen where he can prepare the best possible food for patrons of the establishment. You can read more of Chef Johnson’s thoughts on the transition here.