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New York City Apex Of Gastronomics

Fall in Manhattan is arguably the most majestic time of year. October takes on its own special aura as the entire city starts to softly prepare for the holiday season, and where the skies turn just a little purple at dusk reminding us that Fall is indeed upon us. With Halloween just around the corner, and Thanksgiving only a few weeks later, New York City has a near-equal celebratory event that is held in October, this year from the 12th-15th: The New York City Wine and Food Festival (

It is such a fun time of year, and there is probably not a better time to have this wonderful celebration of the panoply of true food artisans that inhabit the island. The wine is second to none, and as the entire event is sponsored by the Food Network, if you are a fan, you might see some of your favorite chefs showcasing their treats.

This is one of the nation’s most successful food festivals, and in a city of millions, rather fortuitous that the proceeds go to such an apropos cause that is in great need of all the support it can get.

In addition to the daily events, there are packages that include hotel accommodations for those that plan to make it a mini-vacation, and there is also an area on the website that is dedicated to what can be done during this festival for under $100. There are also day passes where one can gastronomically entertain themselves from dawn til’ dusk!

Rest assured, this entire event, albeit very food-centric, is not completely about consuming food. There are a number of workshops and seminars teaching skills to those interested in enhancing their understanding of food preparation.