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South Of The Clouds Is Bringing In New Yorkers Wkith Mixian Noodles

Mixian noodles are a type of floppy rice noodle, and they are becoming increasingly popular in New York. The Yun Nan Flavour Garden has been serving these noodles for quite some time, and they are now available at Western Yunnan Crossing Bridge Noodle as well. The trend began with Deng Ji in Chinatown, and Little Tong in the East Village, and South of the Clouds recently opened right off the campus for NYU.

South of the clouds is a narrow space, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a canyon due to the black mountains climbing one of the walls. The opposite wall is decorated with delft blue plates and friezes, and the ceiling features beehive fixtures. The tables along the walls provide nice seating, but there is an angular counter as well.

Waitresses dressed in black uniforms bring steaming bowls of noodles to the customers, and there are four selections. Bridge noodles are the most popular, and among the one cold and four hot selections. The experience begins with a bowl of broth with goji berries, and the tray additionally contains raw ingredients the waitress places in the bowl individually. This includes bean curd skin, scallions, bean sprouts, pork, black chicken, beef, fish, cilantro and quail egg. For additional details, please visit

Additional offerings include the cold stir rice noodle, prepared in a sweet sauce with minced pork, crushed ginger, fermented bean paste and garlic. The restaurant also serves a limited selection of desserts, Yunnan ghost chicken and cucumber salad. The pigs on a stick are bits of spicy pork speared with toothpicks, and the Asian version of pigs in a blanket. The Yunnan ghost chicken is popular, and consists of shredded poultry with an herbal salad of green onions and cilantro.

The desserts are refreshing and light, and served on saucers. Rosy cheeks are clear curls of silver ear fungus, sweet small petals, and a little dab of rose jelly. There are three additional desserts available.