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Norman Pattiz Releases Outcomes Of Network’s Brand Lift Studies on Major National Consumer Brands by Edison Research

Norman Pattiz who is the executive chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster who is the vice president of Edison Research released the results after intensive research of pre and post campaign for the brand lift that was done for podcast advertisers in 2016. There is a significant impact of podcast advertising on the consumer.

This is according to the research. The impact is mainly on recalling the brand, intent of purchase, and recall of messaging. Significant results from these studies indicated that more than 60% of listeners could remember a particular grocery brand after the campaign. The single-handed product awareness improved from pre-study to post-study. It grew by nearly 47% in case of financial services products, 37% for automobile product, and almost 24% if it is a garden product.

The post-study revealed that more than one-third of respondents had a view of an auto aftermarket product. The post-study showed that 22% of clients use a lawn and garden product as compared to 16% in the pre-study. A pre-study revealed that 60% of people were aware of a particular campaign message that was about an automotive aftermarket product. Read more: Norman Pattiz | LinkedIn and Norman Pattiz – Dashconference

The awareness for a dining restaurant rose to 76%. Edison Research conducted three separate studies on behalf of PodcastOne. The studies were carried out to review and analyze the effectiveness of podcast advertising on five national brands. The results showed that the podcast audiences were highly receptive to brand messages. They indicated an increase in inclination with regards to buying those brands.

Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOn. It is the leading podcast network that advertisers support in the country. Pattiz is also the founder of Westwood One. The network presents more than 340 hours of original programming. The hours are weekly spread across the most popular podcasts.

Pattiz met Kit Gray after leaving Westwood One. Gray presented the podcasts of those who were working from his apartment in Marina Del Rey. Norman Pattiz has a rich history of innovation and success. He has more than four decades of experience in the audio industry.

He is also the founder of the radio network. The network became the largest broadcaster of news, entertainment, talk sports, and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry in America. Pattiz launched Courtside Entertainment Group to produce and distribute quality programming. He started PodcastOne at the end of 2012.