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A New Type Of Italian Pocket Sandwich Is Now Available On The Lower East Side

It’s always fun to read about new food items being introduced in NYC. A few minutes ago, I read a recent article concerning a pizza pocket-like street food that is now being served at a new restaurant on the lower east side.


These sandwich pocket foods are known as trapizzinos, and they originated in Rome, Italy. In 2008, an Italian chef named Stefano Callegari started selling stuffed pieces of pizza bianca bread called trapizzino in Rome, and the food became very popular there.


After opening seven Trapizzino restaurants in the Rome, Italy area, with his business partners, chef Callegari opened his initial American Trapizzino restaurant in late February in NYC.


The trapizzino sandwich pockets at Trapizzino are stuffed with an assortment of Roman-style dishes that you would not expect to be serving as fillings in sandwiches.


Braised pork with rosemary and fennel pollen, pumpkin with crushed almonds and Pecorino cheese, and chicken cacciatora are some of the tasty foods that are served inside of pizza bianca triangles at Trapizzino. You can also order a trapizzino filled with eggplant, tomato, olive oil, and basil, or perhaps their boiled tongue trapizzino, with carrots, onion, parsley, and black pepper.


Stuffed rice balls called suppli are another type of delicious food served at Trapizzino. These delectable spheres are fried golden-brown, and filled with dishes such as arrabbiata, and carbonara pasta, and beef ragout with mozzarella.


While I like the concept of eating traditional Italian foods in a hand-held platform, I can’t help but wonder if the various fillings have a tendency to spill out of the sandwich pockets.