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Pasta on Demand Set to Heat Up

Rather than take on the expense of setting up a brick-and-mortar restaurant, New York City chef Michael White and his Altamarea Group are combining with an offshoot of Uber to create a delivery service called Pasta on Demand. The scheduled start is set for October 17, with meals made at White’s restaurant, Ristorante Morini. That restaurant is located at 1167 Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side.


The service, which will only be available by downloading the UberEats app, will have a menu that’s obviously focused on pasta dishes. That specific category is one in which White has made his name since arriving in the city in 2002. Over that time, he’s opened a host of different Italian restaurants.


The home delivery approach is becoming more popular with both chefs and investors. The latter sees this segment of the restaurant industry as a growing brand that will only get bigger as people’s lives get busier. In such cases, the reluctance by consumers to either cook something from scratch or the desire to dine on restaurant-quality food without having to leave their home are seen as clear indications of the potential growth involved.


White has previously sampled this facet of the industry by shutting down what had been the site of his steakhouse, Costata. In its place, he used a portion of the kitchen from one of his other restaurants, Osteria Morini, to continue making the foods that were good enough to bring in an average of $2,500 every week from hungry diners.


The difference in that case is that diners have to make the effort to come get their food. In contrast, by working with UberEats, those same individuals only need to log onto their smartphone to take advantage of the convenience.


UberEats has had its ups and downs in the New York area, with their instant delivery that promised to deliver either a sandwich or salad within 10 minutes ending after just after a month. However, no such problems have cropped up with respect to the standard delivery of a wider variety of menu items.