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Una Pizza Napoletana Polishes Its Sweet Tooth with Tiramisu

Restaurants that are known for one thing have a certain niche, with their success largely predicated on the quality of their food and the ability to provide top-notch customer service. In the case of Una Pizza Napoletana, narrowing down the pizza-based menu to four different types that possessed a magical crust helped them garner that success.


Having originally been based on East 12th Street, a new-look version of this restaurant now has a Lower East Side location on Orchard Streetthat it calls home. What’s different in this new rendering is the fact that the one sparse dessert options have expanded in some creative new directions.


In its earlier days, some free chocolate was good enough to cap the pizza that was served just four nights per week. Those days have passed, with the number of pizza types now increased to a total of six and the partners of this new venture able to deliver in the area of desserts. Now, effort is actually being put into crafting tempting savory options.


Tops among them is the tiramisu that’s the offering Fabian von Hauske Valtierra, one of those partners. Choosing to go with lemon sponge cake instead of the traditional ladyfingers, the chef offers a filling rendition that offers samples of bitterness and sweet-tasting creaminess. That bitterness arises in part from the caramel that’s included.


Accomplishing this feat is done by managing a convergence of Cynar, rum that’s been lovingly aged and some espresso. While offering hyperbole is the easiest way for a restaurant to tout their offerings, the fact that an avid fan base for this dessert has been created in the span of just six weeks of operation pretty much says it all.


Baking the sponge cake daily, the tiramisu is actually made the night before it’s served to guests.