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Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion Is Pathing The Way For Advancements In Technology

When you think about a successful CEO, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a successful, friendly, down to earth CEO or do you imagine a CEO who is somber or unrelatable? If so, you have not come across Bob Reina.


Talk Fusion Founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, he is one of the nicest, coolest and relatable guys there is in the position of CEO. Bob is usually found sitting on the floor petting the rescue dog, Bindi. He welcomes Bindi into his staff meetings as well as while he is sitting behind his desk while hard at work. He will be one minute on his phone making an international phone call and making sure that the company is running smoothly. He is often found to be heading out of the office fist bumping the new hires while heading out of the office while asking if they are getting the hang of their jobs.


When Bob worked for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office, Bob Reina was a deputy before he then became involved in direct sales. It was then that he decided to start his own networking and marketing while still in the police department.


While Bob Reina was first starting out within the direct selling market more than 20 years ago, Bob was still working as a police officer full time. In order for Bob to make any added money each month was through the use of odd jobs. He had made his own share of mistakes before he was able to lead a comfortable lifestyle. He knew that by sticking with it, he would be able to one day be able to have a lifestyle where he did not have to work as hard or as many hours. Learn more:


It wasn’t long before Bob was the leading salesman in his field. He then realized that there was an area in networking that was being avoided. That area was the use of video email. For Bob, America Online told him it was going to be impossible while Bob didn’t believe that. He knew he would be able to make it happen one day- and he did.


The Award Winning Surgeon, Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi was born in 1964 and brought up in the Persian Jewish society of Iran. When he was 15, he and his brother, 12, they left the Iranian community to Belgium in 1979 during the revolution. Leaving their family behind, Samadi and his brother Dan had to start afresh without their parents and their younger sister Heidi.He proceeded with his education in Belgium and six months in Golders Green, north London where he excelled in science. He moved to the US where he completed high school in Roslyn, New York. He joined Stony Brook University where he attained a Biochemistry degree. He earned a masters degree in Stony Brook in 1994. In 1996, Dr. Samadi finished his post-graduate in urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and later at Montefiore Medical center in 2000.The doctor is a globally well-known urologist, the front-runner in treatment of prostate cancer and Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy (RALP). He did over 7000 Robotic Prostate surgeries at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital where he was director of Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery. He specializes in analysis and treatment of bladder, kidney, prostate cancers and other urological problems. He has done more than 800 robotic laparoscopic methods while teaching other urologists on the use of da Vinci Robotic Surgical System.

Dr. David Samadi TV program is aired every Sunday at 12:30 pm EST. The TV show started on September 12, 2017. It’s a live broadcast called ‘Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi‘. This educative broadcast keeps the audience up to date on medical stories and latest health issues, also giving essential treatment tips.He is active in social media especially on facebook, twitter Instagram and YouTube. Samadi is always giving informative tips on health, and medical issues on this platforms daily.He has been awarded severally by major magazines and newspapers. Every year from 2009-2012 and in 2015 the New York magazine awarded him the title of The Good Doctor. The other awards given to him are, The Compassionate Doctor 2010-2013, America’s top doctor for cancer 2009-2013, Castle Connolly top doctors 2013 and 2014, Patients choice award 2008-2011 and in 2013. New York Metro area’s top doctors 2012 and 2013 Americas top doctors 2008-2012, community partner award 2012 and The Best Regional Hospitals, New York , NY Urology in 2013.

Dr. David Samadi believes that Mitt Romney has an excellent chance to recover and avoid recurrence of cancer. He said Romney opted surgery and this can be the best choice for certain patients. He believes this diagnosis has good long time outlook. Dr. David is convinced that Romney will have admission to excellent medical care.During the IdeaMensch interview, he said that hours between 6 am and 7:30 am are very productive for him. He performs surgery at least three times a week. Before going home, he ensures to check on his patients to ensure they are okay. Dr. David Samadi has a photographic memory and recommends people to read Anything is Possible by Elizabeth Strout.

Dr. Saad Saad: A Successful and Kindhearted Doctor

The people of Palestine has been struggling for years to fight for their homeland, and as a result of endless wars with their neighbors, the country today does not have any defined borders, and their people have been living overseas as refugees. The family of Dr. SaadSaad is one of the thousands of Palestinian families who have chosen to live abroad in search of a better life. During his childhood days, his family settled in Kuwait. The young Dr. SaadSaad is being persuaded by his brothers to take up engineering, but he is unsure whether the profession is his calling. One day, under the scorching sun, he realized that he does not want to be an engineer because he will be subjected to work under the sun and he would not like it. He wanted to work in a room with an air-conditioning system, and he realized that what he wanted is to become a physician.



His family consists of engineers, doctors, and teachers, and when he told his parents about his plan to become a doctor, they gave their full support. Dr. SaadSaad had to attend a local university and study hard to get his pre-medical degree. Afterward, he had to travel to Cairo, Egypt and enroll at the Cairo University for his medical degree. It was not easy studying in a foreign land away from his family, but he managed to resist all of the temptations while in Egypt and he graduated second in class. After he received his medical degree, he had to go to the United Kingdom for his internship program. He went to a local English medical center, and after months of practicing his profession, he finally finished the internship program. To further his career, he had to go to Lebanon and take up a special examination that would determine whether he could train in the United States or not. He managed to pass the examination, and he left for the United States to expand his knowledge about his profession. Learn more:



While in the United States, Dr. SaadSaad met several people who changed his perception of life. One of them is Dr. H. BiemannOthersen, who served as his mentor and close friend. It was him who told Dr. SaadSaad that they should be providing their services to those who are in need, and to those who cannot visit the hospital and have themselves checked-up. He also told Dr. SaadSaad that doctors should not look at a person’s race or beliefs, but do what they have sworn in – to assist them with their medical needs. Touched by the words of his mentor and close friend, Dr. SaadSaad went back to Palestine to serve the people and initiate medical missions.


Ho Foods Brings Beef Noodle Soup To The East Village

The growing Taiwanese Scene in New York City now offers Taiwanese comfort food in the East Village. Richard Ho is serving as both the owner and chef for Ho Foods. The specialty of this new restaurant is beef noodle soup prepared as modern, home-style Taiwanese food.

The restaurant seats ten, and is between First Avenue and Avenue A at 110 E 7th Street. This is the same space once occupied by Porchetta, the sandwich shop. Richard Ho has previously worked for Blue Ribbon Sushi in both Columbus Circle and Brooklyn. Taiwanese restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in NYC. Ten years ago only a few Taiwanese restaurants were open in NYC, and today there are dozens. Richard Ho stated his food is a reflection of the cooking his mother did, although he has made modifications for modernization.

The signature soup of the restaurant is beef noodle, and made using doubanjiang, a fermented bean paste, rock sugar, and numerous spices including red Sichuan peppercorns, cinnamon, clove and licorice. Richard Ho uses beef shank for his soup, and the broth consists of beef feet, bones, and marrow, and requires 24 hours to prepare. For more details, please visit

The diners at Ho Foods can choose between wide or thick wheat noodles, and their options include adding tenderloin, extra spicy, extra rich, or extra spice and rich for an additional charge. The base cost for his soup is $14.50, and for an additional $7, extra soup is available. The menu is extremely limited because the space is quite small. In addition to the soup, some side dishes are available including soy cucumbers, pickled cabbage, daily greens, minced pork rice and homemade, soft tofu. The tofu includes sweet soy, a century egg and bonito.

Ho Foods serves dinner between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. every Tuesday through Sunday, but closes on Mondays.

Insights on Betty DeVos Confirmation as Education Secretary

The United States Senate confirmed Betty DeVos as secretary of education with a very slim 51-50 vote. Vice President Mike Pence cast the tiebreaker which represents the very first time a cabinet member carried out this action. During the confirmation proceedings, Ms. DeVos emphasized she knows that many Americans attend public schools although her views about the matter will not change. She mentioned one particular case in a public institution in Washington where mentors did not manifest any resourcefulness but chose to remain in a “receive mode.”



The Problem with Public Schools



Republican political strategist Greg McNeilly who collaborated with Betty DeVos to a great extent realizes the central predicament of government-run schools in the country. These learning entities do not perform credibly compared to other developed nations as demonstrated by test scores of students. Mr. McNeilly believes the education head can explain better what American should expect from these schools.



The confirmation process proved uncertain for Betty DeVos. She did not seem convincing in answering queries regarding education policies and federal legislation. Some colleagues argued Betty demonstrated her anger at being described as badly informed about official education matters. In fact, she believes that answering criticisms indicate a waste of time contrary to what President Donald Trump stated. Ms. DeVos dismissed the contempt in public by insinuating her confirmation turned out as a “bear” during her initial meeting with employees of the Department of Education.



As one of the first official functions of Secretary DeVos, the outspoken lady summoned National Education President Eskelsen Garcia and another teachers’ union official (with the surname of Weingarten). The latter responded to that call and maintained that the meeting would not produce positive results. However, both ladies revealed plans to go to schools together.



Betty DeVos Benevolence



Published accounts described Betty as a generous soul involved in educational-choice pressure or lobby groups. In the 1990s, she worked (of course without financial compensation) as a board member of national charity organizations. These associations, American Education Reform Council and Children First America, aimed at expanding educational preference employing tax credits as well as vouchers. Ms. DeVos and husband, Dick played a significant role in ratifying the first charter school act of Michigan State in 1993. Learn more:



In 2000, the couple tried hard but failed to amend the State Constitution allowing tax-credit scholarship grants or vouchers. According to residents, the tragic outcome proved appalling because many households in Michigan specifically in metropolitan school districts showed desperation for better alternatives in education. Ms. Betty grew up in Michigan (Holland). Her father, Edgar Prince, founded a multi-billion dollar enterprise and supported conservative Christian advocacy.



Betty’s spouse came from a more well-off family. Dick’s father established the multi-level giant, Amway and ran without success as Michigan governor. Critics always cite Ms. DeVos lack of affiliation with public high schools and colleges. They claim the moneyed family did not have to worry about lack of money in paying for their education and those of their children. The iron lady exemplified someone who hates traditional public schooling.

How Agora Financial Protects Assets and Promotes Wealth.

Agora Financial offers services to individuals with extra savings available for investments. They offer an opportunity to help protect savings and improve wealth. An experienced team goes onsite to search for new trends with the potential for high return of profit. The research staff gives their own independent and unbiased opinions, meaning that they are not paid by any companies searching for the funding of their own projects.The staff has a long record of being able to predict bubbles and find out the direction of markets.

Many new investors have spent the majority of their time earning income, and don’t know where to go to make the most out of their extra cash. They will find plenty of conflicting information from people that are out to get their money. For example, They don’t want to hear from stockbrokers that are just salesman trying to earn a commission.

Agora financial searches for big investment stock opportunities before they hit the mainstream. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have around for a while, are too expensive, and their stocks aren’t nearly as profitable as they were when they started first out. They will be constantly looking for new ideas, so they can help clients buy-in early and earn a lot of money in a shorter period of time.
The staff has plenty of resources to offer users such as books, seminars, and documentaries. The give information on the secrets of generating growth, ways to protect wealth to avoid suffering during a meltdown, and how to find companies that are poised for growth.

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Orange Coast College steps into the future

Orange Coast College recently added a $7.5 million recycling center, taking up roughly 5 acres on northern edge the Costa Mesa campus. Construction of the facility took over a year to see itself to completion. The sit also has many offices and classrooms to be utilized by students and teachers. For many, this is a dream come true that enables many more opportunities for all involved. Learn more:


Orange Coast College, founded in 1947, is a community college in Orange County, California. It is the third largest college in Orange County as well. OCC is Famous in the area and known for its motto “We’ll help get you there”, and its mascot Pete the Pirate with their signature blue and orange colors. as of the Fall quarter of 2016, there are roughly 25,000 students attending.


Orange Coast College has a lot of great buildings and facilities such as libraries, classrooms, career centers, and even am in-house Starbucks! Although, they do not provide on-campus housing. Sports teams and student clubs also make Orange Coast College a great community college. What makes all of these features beneficial and an overall effective incentive is that the average grade point average at OCC is 3.0!


OCC also offers Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer classes year-round, to offer flexibility for those that may not be able to make their schedules work for a certain semester. Also, many students that have attended Orange Coast College have been able to transfer to private colleges and universities.


After seven decades and going strong, Orange Coast College continues to progress and advance adding several acres and buildings to its roster.

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How Adam Goldenberg has built his Business Empire

Adam Goldenberg is an innovative entrepreneur who has established various profitable businesses. He has been a businessperson from the age of 15 and has founded e-commerce and fashion enterprises that have been successful. Goldenberg and Don Ressler have partnered and established many companies together. Some of the most successful firms that they have founded are JustFab and Fabletics. Before starting the enterprises, they both owned profitable businesses that allowed them to gain a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship. Their expertise enabled them to grow Fabletics and JustFab (TechStyle) within very few years.

The first company that Adam Goldenberg established was known as Gamers Alliance. He was 15 years at that time, but he managed to run the business successfully. The company made good returns in three years and was later purchased by Intermix Media. When Adam Goldenberg was 18 years old, he quit high school to serve Intermix Media as its vice president of Strategic Planning. He was recognized for being the youngest COO to work at a publicly traded firm. Don Ressler’s first business was known as, and he sold it to Intermix. At the time of acquisition, Ressler and Goldenberg met and became business partners.

Read more: TechStyle’s data-driven fashion – CNBC Video

The ownership of Intermix Media was transferred to News Corporation in 2005. Adam and Don then decided to establish Brand Ideas, which they later named Intelligent Beauty. The firm majored in providing brand incubation solutions via YouTube. The company made $500 million as profits within its first year. They later founded an Intelligence Media subsidiary that is known as DERMSTONE. It retailed cosmetics and skincare products online. After two years, they formed a beauty and health products firm that is called SENSA.

The entrepreneurship skill of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are outstanding. All the companies that they have started have generated millions of dollars. They trust their potential in developing leading brands, discovering trends, and guiding businesses to success. JustFab was a profitable enterprise that managed to attract over 6 million subscribers within its first two years in business. The company had also secured more than $250 million from investors by the end of 2014. It has managed to develop two profitable subsidiaries, which are Fabletics and FabKids. JustFab also acquired ShoeDazzle and a European e-commerce firm that was known as The Fab Shoes. In 2016, the JustFab brand was renamed TechStyle Fashion Group. Adam and Don are the co-CEOs of the enterprise, and they are determined to take it to great heights.

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Capital Group’s New CEO’s Advice on Best Managers

It has always been Timothy Armour’s believe that good investment managers should seek value not just in one place, but in multiple places. This shrewd nature of investment managers will help ensure that clients are always satisfied and happy with the returns they are making on their investment. Active managers, according to Timothy Armour, are those who do their financial analysis establishing what the input-output situation is before committing. These managers are also keen to establish the risk-reward situation before encouraging clients to make a move in a particular direction.

A good investment manager ought to be able to offer assistance to clients who are caught in the horn of dilemma. The clients who are facing financial limitations due to mortgage gag, school fee limitation and those who are already in retirement should be able to rely on investment managers to alleviate the strain they feel with all these demands for money. Investors on the other hand are encouraged by Timothy Armour to seriously apply themselves trying to determine the best investment manager to engage. Timothy Armour encourages investors to invest in active funds that have low expenses and whose managers are themselves invested. Such funds tend to do well according to research done by Capital Group.

Timothy Armour encourages investors to get investment managers who are excellent at what they do. He compares hiring average mangers to hiring an average surgeon or an average lawyer. The best investment manager for the job is the one who has demonstrable results.

Education and Employment

Timothy Armour is the chief executive officer of Capital Group. He also doubles as the executive officer of Capital Research & Management Company and its chairperson. He equally serves as chairperson of Capital Group’s management committee.

It has been three decades since Timothy Armour joined Capital Group serving in various positions. At first, he worked in the associates program of Capital Group. He rose all the way to become the chief executive. Timothy Attorney went to Middlebury College graduating with an economics degree. In Colombia University he got his first degree: business administration


Timothy Armour has been linked to many companies and organizations owing to his expertise. Organizations such as Scotia Global Opportunities, AMCAP fund, Target Date Retirement Fund and Capital Income Builder are some of the organizations with which he is affiliated. He is also affiliated with Capital International Fund-Global Discovery Fund, American Fund Target Date Retirement Series, Scotia Global Opportunities Fund, SMALLCAP and The New Economy Fund.

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Joseph Bismark: Different From Other Businessmen

I truly admire Joseph Bismark. It takes a lot of strength and spiritual mindedness to achieve such a high level of success and fame and still keep a level head as well a humble heart. It is easy for people to fall into the trap of seeing themselves as greater than others. However, this article that I have read on the WordPress blog called Citizen Shame, has shown that Joseph Bismark is not that easily swayed by his own success. I could definitely learn from him and his ways of conducting business and relating with people both as his workers and customers.

He is so passionate about improving the lives of others that he has started businesses with the sole purpose of helping others achieve their goals in fitness, business, spirituality and other aspects of their lives. Many people that work with him and conduct business with him notice a difference in him. He is a powerful leader, and yet he makes other people comfortable around him. People often walk away inspired to live better lives after being around him. This keeps them coming back to him and his business. They not only buy his products, but they also listen to his advice on living well.

The majority of his time is spent with the RHYTHM foundation which he himself has got going. RHYTHM is dedicated to improving a sense of well being for people who are interested. It is easy to see that Joseph Bismark has learned a lot from his time spent in the mountains. He has learned a lot of spiritual principles. He has also learned how to clear his mind and break free of all the troubles and concerns of the world. He has seen the light in himself and therefore has recognized the light in others. He wants to bring that out of others so that they can live life more abundantly.